Abandoned By Owner At Supermarket Gate, poor Dog ‘Wags’ To Each Passerby To pray For Adoption(4 photos)

The dog, who is tethered and abandoned at the entrance to the shop, "wags" at onlookers in an attempt to be adopted.

A social media user going by the name of Binh An recently posted a video about an abandoned dog that picks up shoppers at the store entrance every day. The heartwarming tale immediately gained popularity because to the amazing everyday photos. The online community sheds tears of joy at the dog's sweetness and tenderness as it wags its tail in a pleasant manner to each visitor.

A sweet, short-haired, brown and white poodle is featured in the video that is becoming viral on social media. The dog unintentionally became the "staff" that welcomed customers every day since I don't understand why he was chained up here by the grocery store entrance.

When he sees visitors entering or leaving, he instantly waves his tail in welcome, which is met with the affection of the visitors. His look is really sweet and kind, but a little melancholy. Sometimes individuals linger over food and beverages, while sometimes bystanders may consume them as a gesture of gratitude.

He gave everyone passing by a sorrowful, regretful face as he attempted to shake their hands, forcing them to stop, express their gratitude, and linger to play with the pair.

The dog was immobile and was continually waving his tail in the direction of the buyer.

Because he's so adorable, everyone entering and leaving the gate stops to pet him.

For some reason, no one was aware of the unfortunate dog's situation, but the owner still left it and tethered the dog to a corner, evoking sympathy in onlookers as they waited for the owner to come back to work. The dog's ease and devotion appear to wish to "melt" the hearts of the internet community.

Dogs are among the world's most devoted creatures, and they teach us responsibility, care, and worry. Being a foster pet is not all there is to it.

Those who adore cats and dogs will recognize that they are our closest friends through difficult times. Customers at the grocery did a great thing by stopping and talking to the dog about how they felt.

Even if it is only a little period, the dog will undoubtedly perceive peoples' complex emotions. The world is out there for humans, but for dogs, we are everything. Pets may actively love and adore us only by interacting with us through touch.
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