Pierce Brosnan, 69, Might Be The Sexiest Celebrity Grandpa Alive As He Welcomes 4th Grandchild

In four films from the James Bond franchise, including "Golden Eye," "Tomorrow Never Dies," "The World Is Not Enough," and "Die Another Day," Irish actor Pierce Brosnan is most known for playing the secret agent. The romantic musical "Mamma Mia!" served as the actor's first opportunity to show spectators a more jovial side. In 2018, he came back for the "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" sequel.

Pierce Brosnan is not just an actor, but also a devoted father. He married Cassandra Harris in 1980, and they were together for 11 years. Chris and Charlotte, whom Brosnan adopted, were the couple's two children from a previous marriage. Sean, the couple's first child, was born in 1983. Harris tragically passed away in 1991, leaving Brosnan a widower.

At a celebration in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 1994, Brosnan met journalist Keely Shaye Smith from the United States. After having two boys, Dylan and Paris, the couple subsequently got married in Ireland in 2001.

Despite having a large family tree, Brosnan has managed to maintain his position as family patriarch. He is not only a loving grandfather to Sean and Charlotte's children, but also a father to his growing boys with Smith.

Brosnan has frequently expressed great pride in showcasing his grandkids on social media and even gushed over them during interviews. At 69 years old, Brosnan is still performing while managing a home life in Hawaii with his wife and being an A-list celebrity.

Brosnan just welcomed his new grandchild, Sean's newborn kid, into his expanding family. Continue reading to find out more about Brosnan's largest role to date, that of a famous granddad!

Despite having a successful Hollywood career, Brosnan has experienced a great deal of personal suffering. Harris, his first wife, died of ovarian cancer in 1991 after an 11-year marriage to him. Brosnan first wept for her loss, then for the loss of his daughter Charlotte in 2013, who passed away from the same condition. Nevertheless, despite the unhappy conclusion of his first marriage, the following chapter of his life was characterized by fresh starts and brighter beginnings.

He then married Smith and had two handsome kids, Paris and Dylan, who recently entered into modeling and the arts to follow in their father's artistic path.

While Marley May Cassandra was born in 2015, making Brosnan a grandfather, Sean, Brosnan's firstborn son, is also the father of Marley May Cassandra. On his Instagram page, Brosnan only portrays himself as a pleased grandparent to Marley, whose name has special significance to him because it shares the names of his late wife and mother: May and Cassandra.

As a result of being raised by his own grandparents after being abandoned by his father and his mother moving to England to train as a nurse, Brosnan has direct experience with being a grandfather.

On an Instagram image of Marley May in her highchair, he wrote, "Breakfast with my precious granddaughter Marley May... be still my heart."

In a sweet Instagram post on Marley's 4th birthday, Brosnan wished his granddaughter a happy birthday and gushed over how stylish and adorable she looked in a denim jacket and scarf for the season.

He captioned the photo, "Happy 4th birthday my lovely sweet granddaughter Marley May."

Even though Brosnan can clearly feel himself aging, he admitted to Independent Ireland that family life seems to have improved it.

"However, I'm now a proud grandfather. The elderly man still has a lot of life in him, so I'll keep going till I can no longer. Life is really valuable. Why squander it, he said, "since it might be taken away at any time without any notice?" "I love my amazing, beautiful family, my children, and my grandkids because of it," she said.

Despite being Sean's firstborn, Marley is technically Brosnan's third grandchild as his late daughter Charlotte had two children of her own: Isabella, who is now 22 years old, and Lucas, who is 18 years old.

The second child of Sean and Sanja Banic was then born on November 12, 2022, making Pierce Brosnan a grandfather of four! On Instagram, Brosnan shared a picture of his new grandchild, Jaxxon Elijah Brosnan, with his 1.8 million followers.

"Welcome, my lovely grandchild, and many blessings. Congratulations to Marley, Sanja, and Sean, my sweethearts. God bless you, he wrote.

Many well-wishers exclaimed in the comment section how adorable Jaxxon was.

“Congrats! Baby holidays are the greatest. They encourage us to do things more slowly and savor our cuddles, one user commented.

"Greetings to each of you. He is incredibly stunning. I wish mom and the child well. Love from the UK, sender. One more person wrote, "Welcome to the world, little one.

On "Live with Kelly and Ryan" in 2017, Brosnan spoke highly of the "pleasure" of becoming a grandfather:

"Being a grandparent is such a delight; there's something captivating and lovely about it. There is a very unique quality to it."

The actor just welcomed his fourth grandchild, congrats!
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