“Girl, Same”: Female Frogs Will Do Anything – Even Fake Death – To Avoid Males, Study Shows(5 photos)

The majority of us have experienced something similar: you're out and about having a great time dancing with your closest friends when you see someone in the corner. When that someone approaches the dance floor with the intention of impressing you with the worst—I mean, best—dancing steps you've ever seen, he generally has a sly smirk painted all over his arrogant face. It's unpleasant and embarrassing, and sometimes there's no stopping such undesirable conduct. Is there anything that female frogs can teach us? They have discovered a technique to thwart these developments, according to a recent study: they stage their own demise. That is, indeed, an innovative approach!

According to a recent study, female frogs use quite peculiar strategies to elude male attention.

The resolute and self-assured male European common frogs flood the woodlands and ponds with love songs as the warm season approaches. Even while serenading under the moonlight could seem like a romantic gesture, lady frogs occasionally just want to spend a peaceful evening together. Regretfully, men frequently don't accept "no" and continue pursuing women. Female frogs just die when there is nothing more to do in order to be left alone.

The tactics used by astute amphibians to avoid mating with overly eager males were revealed in a recent study titled "Drop dead! Female mate avoidance in an explosively breeding frog," which was published in Royal Society Open Science. Male frogs actively seek females during their mating season, which spans from March until late June. In what are known as "breeding balls," this can result in injuries or even fatalities.

Fortunately, mother nature granted females an advantage in the form of a special ability known as "tonic immobility." They extend their limbs in an attempt to seem dead, as though they are in rigor mortis. That should give women some piece of mind as it is sufficient to turn away an enthusiastic male suitor.

In order to get men to leave them alone, female frogs pretend to be dead.

Evolutionary and behavioral ecologist Carolin Dittrich, the study's author, offered her observations on this phenomena. It turns out that lady frogs have a loud voice, despite the preconceived notion that they are helpless and docile. According to Dittrich, "females in these dense breeding aggregations are not passive as previously thought." The study demonstrated the effectiveness of the fake death approach by documenting the escape of 25 females.

So, if you're heading out this weekend, keep in mind this shrewd tip: if a weirdo won't leave you alone, simply drop to the ground, spread your legs wide, and give him a blank look. I suppose if it works for frogs, it can work for people as well.

In order to simulate rigor mortis, females spread their limbs out while lying down.

Female frogs do more than just pretending to be dead to escape males. They may also replicate the sounds of male frogs to frighten away other frogs and even "turn away" from an unwanted mate. They have the right, after all, to select their own mate—someone ideal for sipping wine on a lily pad while gazing at fireflies.

The strategies used by lady frogs and the experiences of millions of women on a daily basis are quite similar. Globally, women have devised several inventive strategies to ward off unwelcome advances and remain secure. Numerous tales can be found online, ranging from men's shoes left outside in the rain to men's voice recordings played while riding in a cab late at night.

Unfortunately, violence against women is a major problem in our contemporary culture. Although jokes about frogs pretending to die in order to avoid men are amusing, the truth is far more terrifying. One in three women will encounter violence in their lives, even if they follow victim blamers' "helpful tips" and dress sensibly, stay in at night, and do everything else.

This method deters overly eager males who could hurt the frog female.

A woman may occasionally just want to relax in a pond by herself, free from too critical admirers.

Perhaps human females should also begin employing "tonic immobility"

Hopefully, as individuals become more aware of what consent is, these alarming percentages will start to change in the coming years. Fortunately, more and more men are joining the movement, speaking out against abuse, strolling further behind at night to reduce the fear that a woman is being followed, and most crucially, calling other men out. Those men truly deserve to have a firefly-watching session with their beautiful companion on a lily pad.

For the time being, be careful and commit some useful safety advice to memory that might save your life. And keep in mind the amazing strategy used by female frogs the next time someone intrudes on your personal space. Fake it 'til you make it, as they say!

What was the most unusual manner you've ever turned away a potential admirer?
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