Great Dane Meets Elderly Woman On A Hike, Decides She’s His Grandma Now(10 photos)

Why is the vast outdoors so wonderful? You may observe a lot of cute wildlife, enjoy a gorgeous view while sipping hot chocolate, enhance your health, and even meet new people. Hiking with their Great Dane, Kernel, Alyssa Berkovitz and her mother Grandma Wanda, whom they met on a hiking route, are passionate hikers who like nothing more than spending a few hours exploring the forest. View their thrilling journeys; perhaps they'll motivate you to put your hiking boots back on.

Hiking is a fantastic pastime since you never know who you'll run with on the trails.

Alyssa hated being outside and would spend a lot of time behind a computer until she got Kernel. Many of us sit like shrimps and then whine about having back issues. Thus, the young woman made the decision to obtain a dog in order to prevent health problems and have access to luxurious cuddles every day. But Kernel was more than just any dog—he was her incarnation brought to life. "I had him all picked out, named, and ready in my head for at least five years before I got him! Kernel was also a figment of my imagination at the time," she revealed.

When Alyssa had spare time and wanted to get away from the screens, the two quickly became friends and began exploring hiking paths together. Additionally, Kernel was enrolled in childcare, which wasn't really what Alyssa had envisioned for her friend on four legs. Her attempt to start a dog-walking program where canine buddies might receive lots of mental and physical stimulation was motivated by that.

Alyssa launched Wagnificent Co., an off-leash dog walking service, in 2017, and they have already taken many puppies on hikes in the Boston region. The dogs' needs for specialized training to safely enjoy the outdoors made the beginning difficult: "I knew this meant I would need a niche group of dogs, but I committed to the idea in 2017 and it's been fulfilling for us since."

While trekking, Alyssa and her Great Dane, Kernel, came across a charming older couple who were enamored with Kernel.

Wanda was left alone when her husband Cal tragically departed away.

Wanda had a soft place for Kernel, so when she went hunting for him, Alyssa decided to let her in their pack.

Since Kernel contributes to the happiness of other dogs, hopefully Alyssa gives him a nice wage in the form of goodies and scratches: "Kernel seldom misses a hike! He acts as though this is his first trek ever and is a hype machine for the other dogs. He does a fantastic job of assisting me in correcting the other dogs when they misbehave.

It's understandable why other people were drawn to this kind youngster, including Cal and Wanda, a lovely old couple who enjoyed hiking in the same region. "I saw this old couple walking through the woods together and smiling at my Great Dane," Alyssa recounted when they first met.

Alyssa said that Kernel "does have a thing for old ladies," after Kernel won them over with his tenderness. Every dog knows that grandmothers provide the tastiest, frequently endless, treats and the nicest love.

Wanda, also known as "Grandma" on social media, found that being friends with Kernel and Alyssa helped her cope with her husband's passing.

Unfortunately, Cal's husband died not long after he became friends with Kernel. Fearless Wanda bravely went on treks in the hopes of running into her friend Kernel and remembering all the lovely walks she had enjoyed with her cherished husband. She was thrilled to see the pack and admit that she had been searching for them.

"Oh, I came out here to look for you," the woman remarked as we ran into her in the woods again. I then said, "All right, let's share some information." Wanda, who they now refer to as Grandma on social media, seemed to Alyssa like a lost member of the group.

Grandma now hikes with them at least once a week, petting all the dogs in the daycare with well-earned pats, though Kernel is still her favorite, of course. His lovely face makes it hard to blame her!

Grandma goes on weekly treks arranged by Alyssa's dog-walking business. She caresses and pats every member of the group, but Kernel is still her favorite.

Grandma has found solace in hiking with Alyssa and her closest friend, Kernel, during some of her most trying moments. It may be lonely to lose a loved one, especially if it happens later in life. People who are grieving frequently question themselves, "What's the point?" now that their loved ones are gone. If there is an afterlife, however, the departed souls would much prefer watch their loved ones live life to the fullest than lose out on yet another lovely day.

Commenters thought Cal was the one who introduced Wanda to Alyssa and Kernel. He wanted her to have someone to go on hikes and adventures with since it was his time to leave, so she wouldn't feel alone. Furthermore, if angels exist, they probably resemble Kernel the Great Dane.

Fortunately, Grandma has a 100-pound buddy who will always be there to give her a gently prod when she needs a little more love. Sadly, not everyone receives Kernie cuddles, but there are methods to support those you know who are grieving. Just be there for them, listen well, and allow them to express any pleasant or painful experiences. Although grieving is a tough emotion that we usually want to avoid, sometimes it can be life-saving to have someone just hold your hand and say, "I'm here for you."

Dogs are amazing animals that, one tail wag at a time, can comfort people during their most trying moments.

Remind yourself that dogs exist on this globe whenever you feel like the world is hopeless. They make us laugh every day and are devoted friends who would stop at nothing to protect the people they care about. Even while they may misbehave occasionally, you can't help but smile when they give you that adorable puppy look.

Alyssa urges other pet parents to seek out and explore their local locations as she follows Kernel and his cherished Grandma on their outings. Maybe your dog will make a companion similar to Grandma?

Does your dog take pleasure in being outside?
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