Young boy wins the £400,000 golden Prime drink bottle after correctly guessing the code

A little child in London who successfully guessed the code to win the £400,000 Golden Prime drink bottle competition.

Logan and KSI. When it was revealed that Paul might win one of two solid gold bars that were fashioned like their drink, everyone was taken aback.

In their promotional film, the duo clarified: "The golden Prime will be protected by bulletproof glass.

"You have to guess a six-digit code properly in order to access it.

"Everyone gets 20 seconds to make one guess, and they can only guess once.

"The flames within the case will ignite if the code is not properly guessed within 48 hours.

Additionally, the gold prime bottle will be totally destroyed and have no value. Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, succeeded."

It makes sense that many individuals attempted to decipher the code.

As time was running out, a young child in London was able to enter the right six digits while wearing a Pinewood FC shirt.

When the code was opened, confetti shot into the air and everyone erupted in screaming.

One can only envision the profound impact such a reward will have on this family's lives. That child will undoubtedly receive a hefty Christmas gift this year.

But where Logan's gold drink bottle sat in New York City, that was another matter.

The Big Apple bottle had to be melted down since the winner was announced in London.

Although Logan claimed on Instagram that the gold container had been "completely destroyed," the gold is really still there—it's simply liquid.

Therefore, it still has tangible worth even though it no longer comes in a stylish Prime bottle.

In honor of one billion Prime bottles being sold worldwide, the challenge was introduced.

"Everything we do is BIG." In terms of marketing, scalability, and brand development, we've developed our own blueprint since we founded PRIME," KSI and Paul stated in a statement.

We've grown to be the fastest-growing beverage company in history in a short amount of time; in only year two, we sold one billionth bottle.

"We’re confident our fans will be pleasantly surprised when they visit our celebratory Gold Stores and see what a unique experience our team has built."

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