Sweet Family Cat Takes Naps with New Baby, and Continues to Do So As That Baby Grows Up(4 photos)

I was once spending time with my husband's aunt. She informed me that when she was minding her daughter's cat, the animal unintentionally escaped the house. She drove slowly across the area in her car while using the open window to shout out the cat's name.

Her daughter's cat, however, never showed there, but a skinny orange and white flea-infested cat did, and it followed her car home. He was wearing an ancient flea collar in purple.

He lived at her back door, yet she imagined he had a place of his own. In the end, she spent many days feeding him. Inquiring, I requested to see him. He gave me a meow, and I fell in love.

He went home with me. Along with feeding him and taking him to the doctor, my spouse and I gave him a flea wash. The veterinarian determined that the cause of his gastrointestinal ailment during his disappearance was most likely ingesting trash. We searched for his owners, but they never showed up.

He showed his devotion for us right away by remaining close to us throughout the day and sharing a bed with us at night. We called him our lovely Baboo because he was the loveliest cat we had ever met.

Following the birth of our first kid, Baboo would snooze next to the infant, keeping a close distance but never causing any harm. He spent ten years living with us, sharing our bed every night and curling up on our laps to watch TV. We were saddened to learn that he had bone cancer. It seemed like a very short ten years to spend with such a lovely soul. He decided to spend his final night with our son. His passing shattered our hearts, and we will never forget how fortunate we were to have met him.
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