Emma Thompson’s Adopted Son Didn’t Know She Was Famous Until He Took A Shakespeare Class In College(photo)

Emma Thompson is thought to be one of the best actors alive today. Since she has won many awards and honors in the entertainment business, she is already a star in her own right.

She has played a lot of famous parts on TV and in movies. Some of these are "Matilda the Musical," "Main Colors," "Stranger than Fiction," "Last Chance Harvey," "Nanny McPhee," "Angels in America," "Men in Black: International," "The Song of Lunch," "Beauty and the Beast," "Cruella," and "Mater Than Fiction."

Thompson has won two Academy Awards, two British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globes, a British Academy Television Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award for her work in movies and TV shows over the course of several decades.

The actress Thompson has also worked hard for charities and important issues as an activist, in addition to being a famous actor. She really cares about the earth and supports Greenpeace. She also speaks out strongly against climate change. Also, she is one of three people in the group that bought land to stop the building of a third runway at London's Heathrow Airport.

Thompson also got involved in a lot of work to protect human rights. She is the chair of the Helen Bamber Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture and a patron of the Refugee Council, a group in the UK that helps refugees and people seeking protection. When Thompson met her adopted son Tindyebwa Agaba in 2003, it was with the help of this group.

At the time, Agaba was 16 years old and went up to the famous actress to thank her. He had no idea that he would be adopted months later. In an interview with The New Yorker, Agaba talked about the first time he learned that his mom was a famous actor. It was in a college class on Shakespearean writing.

It's normal for celebrity kids to find out about their famous parents or cousins when they are older. The actor from "In the Name of the Father" was Agaba's adopted mother. He didn't know she was famous until his college teacher showed him a picture of her.

A report in The New Yorker says that Agaba's arrival in Thompson's life was both sad and emotional.

Around 2003, Thompson began throwing a Christmas party at the Refugee Council every year. She is a huge fan of this group and helps it in many ways. Thompson says Agaba, a 16-year-old Rwandan orphan at the time, came up to her. They mostly used body language and sign language to talk to each other because they didn't know much English or French.

There was no doubt that his spirit was in his eyes. He was aware of everything, but he kept quiet. Thompson talked about their first meeting."It was something about me that made him want to talk to me."

The Sun says that Agaba came to the UK to get refuge because his mother and sister were thought to be dead after the Rwandan war in 1994 and his father had died of AIDS.

"I did not have any friends." I had no idea how to get around the city. It was chilly. "Every white person looked the same to me," Agaba remembered at the time. She went to the Refugee Council for help getting a hot meal and met Thompson at the Christmas Party.

After Agaba thanked Thompson, the two became friends and finally closer. A few months later, Thompson and her husband, "Sense and Sensibility" actor Greg Wise, adopted Agaba.

Agaba didn't want to get help or care from other people at the time. Since he was a child fighter, he learned to only care about himself.

He told The New Yorker, "I was afraid to ask for things." "I had no idea what would make people laugh." Because I lived in the town and the bush, I didn't really expect anything.

They even hired the famous speech coach Joan Washington to help Agaba improve his English and language as he became a British citizen.

Agaba took a class at City and Islington College in 2004. He took a Shakespeare class while he was getting his General Certificate of Secondary Education. That's when he finally found out that his mother, Thompson, was famous.

Agaba's Shakespeare teacher showed the class the movie "Much Ado About Nothing," which was directed by Kenneth Branagh and starred his famous mother as Beatrice. The article says that Agaba was shocked to see so many famous faces in the movie.

"I was shocked to the core." I asked my teacher, "How did you make that movie?" Since I know these people. She had a great laugh. "Don't act silly." These artists are well-known. He told her, "She couldn't believe a word I was saying."

The next week, his teacher brought him a Daily Mirror newspaper with a picture of him riding his bike away from Thompson's house and asked him if that was really him.

That's how I found out that my mom was famous in some way. "I didn't know," he said.

He is now a well-known agent in London's Criminal Investigation Division and has a master's degree in human rights law, just like his mother. Agaba has also dedicated himself to human rights action. Wise and Thompson also have a child together, Gaia Thompson-Wise, who is Agaba's step-sister.

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