Employee Sings To Patients To Comfort Them As He Wheels Them To Their Rooms(video)

When he does his job, Lindon Beckford has always gone the extra mile. He has worked at this job for more than 30 years and has no plans to quit any time soon! He loves making people happy where he works at the hospital. He wants the people who have just come out of surgery to feel happy and at ease as he drives them to their next destination.

He knows that moving people from one room to another can be very scary for them. Lindon wants to help because being rolled down a busy hallway without knowing where you are going or what is going to happen can be very scary. While he is on job, he tries his best to take away their problems.

His smile lets him know that he can use music to help calm his patients down. He plays music for the patients he is moving around to make them smile. Some of them are moved to tears! Lindon knows he doesn't just go to work every day to do his job. In any way he can, he wants to be there for the men and women who are having surgeries or are sick. Before Lindon got this job years ago, he would sing to patients as a way to pass the time.

But he quickly learned that they loved it when he sang to them as they were being rolled around. As of now, Lindon takes suggestions, and a lot of the people he drives even sing with him.

People in the hospital feel better when he sings to them. They don't think anyone will hear what they do when they are getting surgery or a treatment done! They love having something to do that takes their minds off of what's going to happen. They really value Lindon's ability to make them feel better.

Check out this great movie below to see Lindon at work!
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