Extemely Rare Black Tiger Caught On Camera

Last week, a lucky amateur photographer from Odisha, India, had the good fortune to come across a really uncommon black tiger.

The photographer, Soumen Bajpayee, was able to capture the gorgeous creature in a stunning collection of images.

There are six black tigers believed to exist in the entire globe, including this one.

They are nearly extinct and can only be found in the woods of Odisha, India.

The black tigers lack concealment because they lack color variation and tend to live shorter lives in the wild than typical Bengal tigers.

While visiting the sanctuary, 27-year-old Bajpayee, a Masters in Technology student from Kolkata, West Bengal, sighted the tiger after seeing some birds and monkeys.

I was shocked and felt lucky to have seen the tiger, he added.

"While observing different birds and monkeys in the trees, I suddenly spotted something that resembled a tiger but did not appear like a typical tiger. I had no knowledge about Melanistic Tigers at the time.

Then it abruptly emerged from the woods, lingered for a brief period of time, and then retreated behind the trees.
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