Gray-Haired Bride Embraces Natural Color On Wedding Day And Captures Internet's Eye(video)

One bride probably didn't expect many people to comment on her stunning dress and touching "first look" when she agreed to share a few videos from her June 2022 wedding with TikTok. They may write the pair a kind letter complimenting her future husband's outstanding footwear selection. On the contrary, Kadeja Jackson was showered with comments on her gray hair, which was likely the last thing a bride wanted to draw attention to on her wedding day.

Jackson had bravely accepted her gray hair, which had only begun to grow in when she was a teenager, for the big day. She didn't color it darker for the wedding since she had made the decision to be true to herself. Jackson's distinctive style was included into their preparations since Jackson's makeup artist and the rest of her wedding party adored this enthusiasm.

The Hotel Colonnade in Miami hosted the lovely day. Tia Codrington, a makeup artist, made sure to take many of photos, capturing in particular Jackson's entire face makeover the morning of the wedding. Tens of thousands of Codrington's supporters were shocked to see Jackson's stunning appearance. She had a stunning appearance.

Codrington wrote on the TikTok video showcasing her expert makeup application, "The natural gray hair on my bride is beautiful. Since she was sixteen, she has had it "and demonstrated to her followers how the radiant bride's hair so admirably enhanced her overall appearance. "I adore the females that keep to their origins," she sarcastically captioned the video.

Jackson was taken aback by the reply. She said in a conversation with Insider that "I was caught completely off surprise. It isn't a huge problem because I see myself every day." Since she was a teenager, Jackson's gray hair had become an integral part of her daily life. She acknowledged that her hair back then didn't give her the same level of confidence as it did at her wedding, though. It's "been a journey," she remarked.

Jackson had to work hard to accept her gray hair because most women don't begin to get it until they're much older and even then, they often reject it as a sign of aging. Jackson responded, "I can understand how because at one point I didn't want it," in response to this. But it's empowering because you feel comfortable being yourself, she said, mentioning how empowered she felt due of her hair.

People comment on Jackson's confidence and gray hair everywhere she goes. Given that she is still so youthful at 38, she told Insider, some people don't instantly understand that it is truly her natural hair. She stated: "People stop me frequently throughout the day and inquire about my hair color. I declare, "I don't use hair color." My hair is that."

Codrington welcomed her enthusiasm as she created Jackson's wedding-day appearance. She said, "I wanted to highlight her exquisite features while also giving her skin a youthful, lively appearance. Since her hair was the major draw for me, I took great care to ensure that every step of her makeup application was deliberate and unified the overall appearance." Jackson's characteristic gray looks were a complete success, and maybe they will encourage other women to be just as daring on their wedding day.
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