Stray dog chases down car of vacationing couple — who stop to give her a new home(photo)

Pets can occasionally enter our lives in the strangest ways and at the strangest moments. In the instance of one couple, the dog they discovered while on vacation was anxious to adopt them as his new family.

According to SWNS, Italian native Martina Russo and her companion Fil were traveling through rural Spain when they became aware that someone was tracking them. Martina is from Milan.

"We thought it was just a game," Martina told SWNS, "but soon realized something wasn't right because she was running fast and would not stop." It was a small puppy who appeared to be very anxious to catch up with them.

They pulled over to give the dog some water after noticing that she was in desperate need, and the youngster quickly developed feelings for the canine.

They posted on Instagram, saying, "We took her to the closest village to inquire if anyone had misplaced her, but no one had ever seen her before. We are in the midst of nowhere; there are no nearby buildings or signs of human habitation.

We returned her to where we had discovered her on the way back, assuming that she would know to walk back, but she trailed us once more until we arrived at the van.

The pair came to the conclusion that the dog may have been left behind in the countryside when it simply continued to follow their vehicle.

The following day, we brought her to the vet, where it was discovered that she was a female, about a year old, with very overgrown hair that was covered in gunk around her eyes, and that she was not chipped or spayed. Martina informed SWNS about this.

After checking around the neighborhood and posting on social media, they kept looking for the puppy's owner, but no one stepped forward.

After a few weeks, they came to the conclusion that the canine was alone and made the decision to take the dog into their own home.

Martina and Fil's cherished dog, now known as Moxie, has become a member of their family.

She adores our animals and, to be honest, she loves everyone and everything. She is also very funny and sweet. stated Martina. We enjoy taking her on excursions, and she consistently makes us giggle.

"Moxie now has a new adventure every day."

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