After Student Is Denied A Hot Lunch, 8-Year-Old Boy Fundraises To Pay Off His Friend’s Debt(video)

Knowing that there are kids out there who cannot afford some of life's essentials is distressing. Sadly, a hot lunch at school is one of those necessities that many children take for granted. An 8-year-old child realized he had to help when he learned that one of his classmates was unable to pay for a hot, substantial dinner from the school cafeteria. He handled the problem in an absolutely amazing way.

In February of 2014, Cayden Taipalus discovered that a student at his Howell, Michigan, elementary school, Challenger Elementary, was unable to purchase a hot lunch as there was no money in the child's school lunch account. Rather, the pupil was only provided with a simple cheese sandwich to consume.

For kids who couldn't afford the hot lunch alternatives, the school provided an alternative meal consisting of a sandwich, juice, and fruit. "It disturbed the young lad, which consequently disturbed Cayden," Cayden's mother Amber Peters stated to ABC News Today.

Later that day, Cayden informed his mother about it. He was upset by what he had seen. The eight-year-old was determined to make a difference and ensure that his pal would never again be denied a hot meal.

Cayden was therefore assisted by his mother. To start raising money, they began recycling cans and bottles. Soon after, through social media, their friends and neighbors learned about their efforts and expressed a desire to support them in helping underprivileged children.

Following that, Peters assisted Cayden in creating a fundraising website called "Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry." After informing his classmates, neighbors, and relatives about his efforts, the little child received enthusiastic support in covering his friend's lunch payment.

Peters' pride in her kid has no bounds. She expressed her pride in her kid to ABC News Today. "Considering he is just eight years old, I find it very astounding that he can understand this notion. His heart is made of gold."

"Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry," Cayden's program, has been a tremendous success. Cayden brought the cash to the school each morning before class. His first gift of $64 covered the cost of over 150 meals. The fundraising campaign received donations totaling $7,000 as it developed rapidly. What had begun as a modest endeavor quickly gained momentum to the point that contributions came in from as far away as Hong Kong.

"We went from just paying off his elementary school to paying off the entire Livingston County," Peters stated. "Doing something little can turn into something big and go a long way," the pleased mother continued. It is important to pay it forward.

Peters further said that Cayden's only concern was helping as many pupils as possible; he had no interest in the media exposure he got after the fundraising efforts. I didn't even ask Cayden for the name of the youngster who inspired the campaign, the woman claimed. I have no desire to alter someone's appearance. Our goal is to provide fewer meals.

The 8-year-old's activities also pleased Howell Public Schools' director of public relations, Thomas Gould. "What Cayden is doing is very generous and it shows how caring all of our students are," he stated. "It's also important to know that all of our kids are offered lunch no matter what."

This motivational tale demonstrates how every individual, regardless of size, has the power to improve the lives of others around them.

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