Mom Furious As Stranger Asks Her To Take Her 'Shrieking' Son Out Of Restaurant Until He Quiets Down

Though many individuals choose to take on this duty, being a parent is undoubtedly not easy. Raising children and witnessing them develop into good-hearted adults may be very satisfying and rewarding, but there are also many obstacles that may arise. Managing children who are sobbing or screaming in public is one of those obstacles.

Everyone has probably encountered a bothersome situational encounter at some point, and one lady, age 23, nearly had her supper ruined by one such encounter. She went out with her boyfriend, 24, at a fine restaurant; it wasn't extravagant by any means, but it was certainly better than an average, everyday eatery. She only wanted to enjoy her dinner with her boyfriend because she had spent a considerable deal of money on a well-prepared supper.

Sadly, the people seated at an adjacent table derailed her intentions. The youngest son was sitting with his parents and their three kids, and he was screaming nonstop. The woman became increasingly irritated and finally requested that the mother take the youngster outside until he calmed down.

The mother took exception at all of this, which made the 23-year-old worry if she had gone too far. On September 12, 2021, she posted an explanation of the occurrence and solicited feedback from Reddit users over her handling of the family and their yelling toddler.

The original poster (OP) began her Reddit post by explaining that, while the restaurant she and her boyfriend visited one evening in September 2021 wasn't a "Michelin star-esque place," it was still well-prepared food served in a pleasant setting, so it made sense that patrons wanted to be able to eat in peace.

There was a family sitting around two tables apart from OP and her boyfriend. The three youngsters in the family, the youngest of whom looked to be around two years old, were raised by two parents. "The youngest child started crying for a reason I don't understand while my boyfriend and I were eating," OP said. "When I refer to screaming, I mean physically excruciating ear piercings."

For almost ten minutes, the youngster did not stop screaming. OP decided to take action to improve the uncomfortable situation since she was rather irritated and simply wanted to enjoy the dinner that she had paid for. "As people are attempting to enjoy their food, I approached the family's table and asked if someone could take the child outside until it calms down," OP stated.

The mother of the child was offended by this and told OP that she needs to "show some compassion." "I replied by telling her that I paid to enjoy my meal and that she needs to do everyone in the restaurant a favor and take the child outside if she can't get her to be quiet," the OP went on.

Other customers defended OP, stating that the mother had persisted in letting the kid scream while everyone else was attempting to eat. The woman then went on to phone one of the servers to complain that OP was unpleasant and uncomfortable. "The parents finally left, but not before giving me a threatening glance," OP said.

After discussing the problem with one of her friends, OP was advised to try being "kinder and more considerate to the family, since being a parent is difficult." Reddit users concurred with OP's assertion that those who chose to have children must provide them with better parenting.

"While being a parent IS difficult, there are still courtesies that need to be followed," remarked one user. Taking a kid out of a public setting if they are misbehaving, sobbing, or shouting is one of these courtesies.

"Parents with shrieking children do not get to keep eating while their children shriek," stated another person, who also expressed agreement. Until the youngster stops screaming, they take turns feeding and escorting them outdoors. Allowing your child to disrupt other patrons in a restaurant and failing to take action to get them to go to a quieter area is utterly impolite.

While many may empathize that children will be children and that parents will undoubtedly have many challenges in raising their children, it is unfair to others to do nothing about youngsters who will not stop weeping or shrieking in public places.

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