Couple adopts seven siblings who have been separated in different foster homes for two years(7 photos)

Does it require a community to raise seven kids all of a sudden?

Texas residents Chris and Jessica Milam took on the challenge of adopting seven separated Filipino siblings who had been living apart for more than two years.

Three foster families had been assigned to two brothers and five sisters, whose ages varied from five to twelve.

After an eight-month adoption procedure, Chris and Jessica are finally able to bring their children home.

"I knew they were the kids for us the instant I read their profiles. They were passionate about nature, gardening, and animals," Jessica said Fox 4 News.

She said, "We recently moved into an empty house. We knew we had space since we constructed the house with room for kids. Being self-employed makes caring for seven children of various ages slightly simpler.

On June 8, the event was where the court gave it final approval.

The court declared, "I will determine that adoption is in these children's best interests." The adoption will be approved, the name will be changed, and the record will be sealed. Congratulations.”

The kids have been looking forward to this day since it will bring them back together and give them parents who will love them no matter what.

Can we just come home with you today, each of them asked?

based on Jessica. They were attempting to work out a more expedited arrival time. In addition to being together, they were overjoyed to have parents who will always be there for them.

They were debating when they could arrive, Chris remarked.

The couple had initially planned to adopt, but they had no idea they would suddenly become parents to seven kids. Even so, they are excited to grow their family.

The siblings have several pets in addition to one another.

They claimed to have a dragon, four cats, a dog, and two snakes.

One of the little girls reportedly replied, "It means we'll be there forever," according to a source.

"We will have a family to take care of us until we are grownups and can take care of ourselves," her older brother said.

It takes a lot of guts and perseverance to be a parent, much less an adoptive parent. This couple accepted the challenge of parenting children, despite the fact that it is not always simple.

Chris and Jessica's kindness has brought these siblings back together after a long separation. Additionally, kids now have family members they can name "mom" and "dad" with pride.

Click on the video from Fox 7 Austin in the section below to find out more about this great adoption story.
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