Guy And Girl Born On Same Day At Same Hospital Don’t Think They Will Get Married 24 Years Later(7 photos)

After initially meeting on their 18th birthdays, the pair who were both born on the same day at the same hospital fell in love. On their 18th wedding anniversary, they are now preparing to get married.

Shauna Gracey and Tom Maguire were born just hours apart and a few meters apart on December 22, 1992, 26 years ago.

Despite growing up in Wigan, Greater Manchester, less than three miles apart, the two did not meet paths again until Boxing Day 2010.

A mutual acquaintance introduced them when they were celebrating their birthdays, and Tom, an engineer, fell in love with her right away.

Tom's overtures toward Shauna on social media were rejected, and at one point she even yelled at him to "leave me alone."

They ran into each other again on a night out around two months after they initially met, and shortly after their second encounter, they shared a drunken kiss.

The relentless Tom finally got his girl in April 2011 after several more declarations of love, and the couple ultimately became "official" despite Shauna's best efforts to evade him.

When they are married at a chapel in their hometown in less than two weeks, their incredible love story will come to its happily ever after conclusion.

Children's nurse Shauna stated: "Tom was really enthusiastic right away. He assured me that we will be together in addition to telling me he loved me.

I assured him that we wouldn't wind up dating since I just wasn't interested.

We were out one night when I turned to look at him and immediately thought, "Oh my God, I like him so much."

Eight years into our relationship, I couldn't be happier.

I believe that our meeting was fated now more than ever.

We were born on the same day in the same place, she remarked, which was wonderful.

Telling people and seeing their responses is enjoyable.

She estimates that Tom arrived seven hours after Shauna, who was delivered 13 weeks early at the now-defunct Billinge Hospital.

Both couples spent their formative years in close proximity to one another while attending school in Wigan. They are now scheduled to wed on May 4.

When they first met, Tom was a ninja and Shauna was Minnie Mouse.

Shauna recounts that when he approached her at the end of the night and stated, "We should do this again," she had not even properly seen his face.

The two eventually found they had shared a birthplace and had been born only a few hours apart.

Tom, who works at the Heinz factory in Wigan, proposed on a surprise romantic holiday to Rome in October 2016.

He thinks the tale of how we met is absolutely strange. The amusing coincidences give the connection a unique flair.

Everyone who hears about it is enthralled by it.
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