Mother With Nine Children Has Hands Full — Relies On Routine To Keep Everyone In Check(video)

Bedtime may be difficult for some parents. Not just infants, but also their older siblings, may keep you up at night. One mother of nine kids under ten has mastered the art of reading to her children before sleep. Chloe, 29, is an Australian native of Perth. They have a set of twins, a set of triplets, and four singletons.

Chloe's job as a caregiver for nine kids can be stressful, but with time and effort, crucial daily rituals like sleep have grown less difficult. In the evening, as their mother is preparing a wholesome meal, the kids tidy up their playroom. Chloe can feed the infants and young children who are unable to feed themselves while the youngsters eat. After supper, Chloe bathes the smaller kids while the older kids alternate baths. Her youngest kid, named Birdie, was born in March 2022.

Evan, Otto, Felix, Rufus, Henry, Pearl, Cosmo and Sylvie, twins, and newborn Birdie are all the children of Chloe and Ro. They broadcast vlogs of their kids doing entertaining activities and regular chores like getting ready for bed on their own YouTube channel called Life With Beans.

Continue reading to learn how this large family puts everyone to bed at the same time.

The joyful family welcomed their ninth child into the world on March 16, 2022. The baby's name is Birdie, and she is very adorable. Chloe captioned a picture of her youngest with a nice message. Her post on Instagram reads:

Yesterday morning, our adorable baby daughter made her earthly debut.

She is now at home, unwinding with her 8 older siblings, and we are overjoyed. I appreciate all of your best wishes. We are deeply, deeply in love. "I'm flying," you said.

The video of Chloe's bedtime ritual that was uploaded to YouTube on January 14, 2021 has almost three million views. Only eight of her children are seen in the video since baby Birdie was not yet arrived. Twins Cosmo and Sylvie are the infants in the video. After taking a bath, the children change into matching jammies and spend some time cuddling with Cosmo and Sylvie. It's a pretty nice time right now.

After that, Chloe tells them all a story. You can notice how intently the children are reading in the video.

Everyone should then retire to bed. The triplets are put to bed immediately away while the elder brothers read before bed. The twins took a bit longer to fall asleep because they were still newborns when this video was posted, so Chloe put them in a crib together.

The arrival of baby Birdie has made going to bed much more difficult. Chloe and Ro can certainly handle taking care of all nine of their kids.
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