Priscilla Presley’s Final Wish Is To Be Buried Beside Lisa Marie Presley & Elvis Presley Upon Her Passing(photo)

Elvis Presley is recognized as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and is often referred to as "The King" due to his legendary stature in the history of rock 'n' roll. His daring dance style and exuberant stage presence first sparked criticism, but ultimately they helped him achieve long-term success and leave a lasting musical legacy.

Priscilla, Elvis' sole wife, was his wife for a brief period, from 1967 until 1973. Nevertheless, Priscilla coped with a lot and had considerable effect on Elvis' life and music despite their brief marriage. When Priscilla was barely 14 years old, Elvis first encountered her while serving in the army. Priscilla eventually relocated from Germany to Graceland as a result of their love affair. After many visits, Priscilla's parents finally agreed to let her go to Tennessee with Elvis in 1963. The couple later were married in 1967. Lisa Marie Presley was born less than a year after the couple's marriage.

Along with her great-grandmother Minnie Mae Presley and grandpa Vernon Presley, Lisa Marie was named as a beneficiary on her father's final will and testament following the passing of Elvis Presley in 1977. But Vernon died in 1979, and Minnie followed a year later. As a result, Lisa Marie became the only heir to Elvis's trust. She received her father's wealth, which had increased to $100 million, in 1993.

From 1984 through 2006, Priscilla dated Brazilian screenwriter-turned-computer programmer Marco Garibaldi. Navarone Garibaldi, their lone child, was born in March 1987.

After the passing of her beloved and well-known husband, Priscilla carried on the Presley name with grace and found enormous success in business and acting. Her children went on to lead fulfilling lives as adults and pursue jobs in the entertainment sector. Tragically, Lisa Marie died on January 12, 2023, at the age of 54.

Lisa Marie, the only child of Elvis, received Graceland, the family home in Memphis. Since Lisa Marie's passing, disagreements about who would inherit Graceland have erupted, leading to a legal dispute between Priscilla and Riley Keough, the sole surviving heir named in Lisa Marie's estate.

Entertainment Tonight was able to get court records that supported Priscilla's argument that Lisa Marie's will had been amended in 2016 to remove her as co-trustee and replace her with her late son Benjamin Keough. Priscilla asserted that the 2016 modification was "purported" and filed a petition in January 2023 challenging the "authenticity and validity" of the document.

According to the petition, which was required under the will, Priscilla questioned the validity of the will and claimed that the addendum or updated form was never sent to her before Lisa Marie passed away. Additionally, Priscilla said that Lisa Marie's autographs looked to be incongruous with those of her usual signatures and that her name was even misspelled. She then initiated legal action.

Entertainment Tonight referred to the Keough and Priscilla issue at the time as being as "tense and heartbreaking."

"Priscilla is unwavering in her belief that she has a strong case and will win in court. Although they aren't speaking directly right now, Riley and Priscilla have been in contact with one other's attorneys, the source claimed.

The two were "gearing up for court," and Keough made it clear she had desired a private resolution.

Priscilla and Keough reached an agreement on the situation on May 18, 2023, and it was resolved out of court.

Priscilla will get a "impressive settlement," according TMZ, to give up her legal fight and end the dispute between her and her granddaughter. She was, however, refused one wish: the desire to rest in peace in Graceland next to beloved Elvis, whom she repeatedly referred to as "the love of my life."

"Even though I don't have any immediate plans to go. When the time comes, it is the wish of my family and I that I be buried alongside my daughter and the love of my life. We value the support from each and every fan, Priscilla told the publication.

The location of those previously buried in Graceland may have played a role in the decision to turn down her request. Elvis Presley's burial is surrounded by the graves of his mother Gladys Presley on the right and father Elvis Presley on the left, so if Priscilla had gotten her way, one of the graves would have had to be moved.

Regarding the resolution, Priscilla said in a statement to PEOPLE that both sides had reached an understanding and were prepared to put the incident behind them.

"Since my daughter Lisa Marie passed away unexpectedly, my family has cleared up any misunderstandings about our court filing and request for document interpretation. I want to be clear that there was never any legal action taken against my cherished granddaughter, despite the fact that certain media outlets misidentified this plea as a lawsuit, she stated.

Riley is overjoyed, according to Riley's attorney, Justin Gold, who spoke to Entertainment Tonight. She is a great woman with a promising future.

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