Restaurant Owner Tells Customers To Keep Cell Phones In Bag While Dining(video)

Before technology dominated the globe, there was a time. Without cellphones, iPads, and computers, life was much easier. People today are frequently glued to their gadgets. Cell phones, according to UC Health, might actually make people's lives more stressful. On the other hand, you might also feel anxious without your phone. Doesn't it feel like a catch-22?

In Texas, a chef and restaurant proprietor took matters into his own hands by banning cellphone use while dining at Caterina's, his brand-new Italian eatery. Tim Love, the restaurant's owner and chef, is asking diners and customers to put their phones in little bags while they eat and dine there. The establishment has additional requirements in addition to this. Love has produced a distinct aesthetic that calls for a certain dress code. There are other things that chef Love is cooking up at Caterina's besides the absence of mobile phones and formal wear. The restaurant also takes pride in its leisurely dining style, where customers partake in multi-course meals.

The idea behind each special eating rule is to encourage slowing down and enjoying meals with friends and family without interruption from the outside world. Caterina's wants to resurrect a bygone era where everyone could unplug. Love claims that all of the diners have done nothing but cooperate and be content with the breath of fresh air the institution has delivered now that it is open and operating. Love has further stated that if visitors need to be reached, they can provide Caterina's phone number, at which point an analogue phone would be sent to the guests' tables to take their crucial call.

Love characterized the restaurant as "a super-intimate, white tablecloth dining area, with seating for 40 in the dining room, and a bar with seating for six" in an interview with Paper City.

He said Caterina's wants to offer a dining experience that visitors would like. "A multi-course supper will be served to guests at Caterina's," Love stated. "Slow eating, or what I like to call analog dining, encourages you to slow down throughout the entire experience. Throughout the meal, there would be a ton of minor surprises, the owner promised.

For Caterina's enjoyment, the venue politely requests that patrons put their phones away. Love stated, "We're going to nicely ask them to put their phone in the bag," in an interview with a local Texas news station. The owner said, "That has already occurred. Some individuals forget. All they have in their pocket is their phone. We hand the bag to them. Their phone was placed inside the bag. It's not a major issue."

If you can't live without your phone, Love said, you might want to find another restaurant. "This is not the place for you if you can't live without your phone for two hours, the proprietor said. People don't use their phones while watching movies, he continued.

The many restaurant owner mentioned that not every place provides this novel style of dining because of how turbulent the outside world is. The chef and the business owner agreed that they wanted to create something unique.
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