This Adorable Pittie Was Set To Be Euthanized But Then Something Amazing Happened(video)

Nothing is perhaps worse than helping rescuers save a cute and affectionate dog, only to have him rejected again and eventually scheduled for death.

Regardless of one's perspective, there is just no justification for any robust and affectionate dog to have such an ordeal.

They all deserve some time to find a loving and supportive family. We'll be discussing a tale of a dog that was on the verge of death, but something saved it.

A Wonderful Rescuer

They came to an intriguing conclusion when Jon Mancinetti and his dog, Smokey, went on a road trip.

In every location we visited, I would visit the shelter and attempt to highlight the local dogs who were in need of adoption, he said to The Dodo.

He got to know a lot of amazing canines while staying in a Memphis shelter, and he was ready to go when something unexpected happened.

Since Mosey was scheduled to be put to death that day, one of the volunteers stopped him and informed him about him.

He went to see the dog, who immediately won him over with his sweetness. He was quite thin as well, so he felt terrible for him.

Mancinetti stated: Despite his appearance, I knew there was a lovely dog behind it all. I knew no one would walk into the shelter and take him for that reason alone.

He made the decision to foster Mosey because he didn't want to leave him in the Memphis shelter. But he had to introduce him to Smokey, his dog.

Mancinetti could tell as soon as the two met that they would get along well.

Mosey's Novel Expedition

He also made the decision that Mosey would accompany him and Smokey on their historic trip at that same moment.

They were having a great time seeing seven places. Mosey really enjoyed investigating novel surroundings.

Mancinetti also noted that Mosey was healing nicely while they were away. His fur had begun to grow back and he had gained a noticeable amount of weight.

Mancinetti was determined not to hasten Mosey's search for a new home. He wanted to be certain that this lovely puppy would be going to the proper household.

Fortunately, he came upon someone exceptional. He was taken aback by their level of excitement for Mosey when he went to see them.

Upon arriving, he was somewhat aback to discover that a sign reading "Welcome home, Mosey" had been positioned close to the fireplace.

He immediately got to know his family and his new canine siblings. He knew right away that this was his future home and fell in love with everyone of them.

Mancinetti was relieved to have found someone so kind to look after him, even though he was sorry to be leaving Mosey.

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