‘An incredible person’: Community helping 94-year-old food bank owner get national award

A 94-year-old man from Florida is getting acknowledged for his contributions to the community.

Bill Brown, a.k.a. Mr. Bill, has transformed his little backyard garden into a food bank serving Levy County households.

He has been feeding thousands of people at The Children's Table every week for thirty years as part of his community duty.

"At nearly 95 years old, I'm still having an impact on the community," Brown remarked. "No one in Levy County ought to face hunger."

Volunteers at the food bank said they would want to offer the veteran something extra in appreciation for his service.

Stacey Kile remarked, "I saw the CNN Heroes and thought, 'This is something for Bill.'"

Brown and Kile collaborate at the food bank, and she's urging the locals to support her nomination of Kile for the honor.

Kile remarked, "He's just such an amazing guy who's done so much for this community." "This would be a wonderful way to express gratitude to the man who has helped so many people."

Brown expressed gratitude for the gesture and claimed he was unaware that he had been nominated.

"Applications for recognition are nice to have, but it is not the reason we labor. We serve the people because we love them," he remarked.

Volunteers claim that every form matters and that Brown may obtain further information by visiting the website.
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