World War II veteran celebrates 104th birthday(video)

In Fort Wayne, Harrison Hull enjoyed cake and music for his birthday on Friday.

On Friday, there was a party in honor of a veteran of the Indiana military.

Harrison Hull's birthday is on Saturday, but the Kingston Residence in Fort Wayne, where he resides, celebrated with cake and music on Friday afternoon.

Hull said, "There's nothing better than that."

Hull said he's met a lot of people over the years and likes to think he's been an honest and trustworthy guy to those he encounters. Hull served in the Air Force during World War II.

Hull said to WPTA, "I don't think I have an honest to goodness enemy in this world." "People find me appealing."

Following a Facebook request from the Kingston staff, hundreds more birthday cards and messages have arrived in addition to Friday's celebration.

"I'm grateful beyond measure. It's humble," said Hull.

The community's passion for Harrison is really incredible, according to Amanda Craig, executive director of Kingston Residence.
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