Mangy And Deaf Dog Dumped In A Dumpster Is Now The Happiest Girl Alive(video)

There is no better feeling of fulfillment for dog lovers than helping a dog in need find a good, caring home. It's a priceless moment when they understand they're at last secure, and their development throughout that time is indescribable.

Francine was a lost cause when she was discovered in a dumpster as a little Pittie puppy. After being brutally abandoned by her last owner, this little girl—who was also deaf and gangly—cried out for assistance.

She had no idea that the most amazing turn of events in her life was only a few days away!

The Path To The Ideal House

A dog trainer from Chicago, Illinois named Jessica Kupsik fell in love the moment she heard Francine's tale. When Dark Horse Dogs, a local rescue organization, contacted her to ask whether she would be interested in fostering Francine, she was unable to refuse.

"I believe my two selling points were being mangy and deaf," Jessica said to GeoBeats Animals.

Francine and Jess had a special relationship from the beginning. Francine was undoubtedly not your typical dog given her illness, but she also had a lot of personality that didn't fit her "original description."

Jessica's other dog, Kona, welcomed Francine as her little wiggly sister who was always racing around the house and making strange noises with her high pitch whenever she was feeling upset.

Francine rose to become the house princess despite being deaf. Her foster mother had a lot of joy and laughter because of her humorous and occasionally even silly personality.

Although Jessica was a very good learner and rapidly became proficient in hand signals, there were certain things that Jessica was just not good at, such as Francine's amusing habit of jumping off furniture!

Usually, as a dog trainer, I would say, "Oh, you shouldn't laugh at that." That is really depressing. However, Jessica notes, "You can tell Francine is having a great time because she will jump on the couch and lose herself once more."

The silliest gymnast in the family

Francine's foster mother is always in awe of her incredible contortionist abilities. This chatty little darling will surprise everyone by pulling an unexpected stunt that will make them all chuckle!

Nevertheless, she is well aware of appropriate behavior outdoors. Even at a distance, she maintains eye contact with her mother to keep herself secure.

Thanks to Jessica, Francine—who had been abandoned and given little opportunity in life—grew into a stunning family dog and learnt how to be a good girl despite her handicap!

Jessica made the decision to retain Francine when she was at last ready to be adopted into a caring family. Francine eventually turned into a foster failure because she couldn't bear the thought of being apart from her little child!

"When this mischievous, deaf, bowling ball was discovered in the trash, I vowed to never adopt one of my foster dogs. She plowed her way into my life to test my patience as a dog guardian and my skill as a dog trainer," Jess posted on Instagram.

At their Chicago, Illinois, home, she, her mother, and Kona now relish their time spent together. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that Francine will go on a lot of thrilling experiences in the years to come!

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