Christopher Reeve’s Son Was Orphaned After Losing Both His Parents Within 17 Months(photo)

Born in New York City to F. D. Reeve and Barbara Pitney Lamb, Christopher Reeve's journey from a young theater enthusiast to the iconic Superman is an inspiring tale. Raised in Princeton, New Jersey, his love for acting blossomed at the age of 9, when he landed a role in an amateur production of "The Yeomen of the Guard."

Christopher's passion deepened during a summer apprenticeship at the Williamstown Theatre Festival at the age of 15. After gaining modest success in theater and a stint on the soap opera "Love of Life" post-college, destiny beckoned him toward the audition for the blockbuster film "Superman" in 1978, a role that would define his career.

While being recognized as Superman brought immense fame, Christopher sought to prove he was more than a superhero archetype. However, life took an unexpected turn on May 27, 1995, when a tragic equestrian accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. His battle ended in 2004 at the age of 52 due to an infection from a bedsore.

Dana Reeve, his wife, continued their legacy through the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, dedicated to spinal cord injury research and care. After Dana's untimely death in 2006, their son William, known as Will, found himself without parents. Despite this loss, Will remained connected to his roots, residing in the community where he grew up and continuing the foundation's work.

Bucking the Hollywood trend, Will chose not to pursue acting, focusing on education and a career in sports news. In a surprising public appearance at the 2017 Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation gala, Will, dressed sharply, evoked memories of his father. He stands as a testament to their enduring legacy.

Expressing his commitment to the foundation, Will remarked, "I think his legacy is never going to go away, and I think that is a responsibility that I feel, to carry his and my mother’s legacy on for the rest of my life and hopefully beyond that."

Christopher Reeve's career showcased versatility beyond the superhero realm, with a deliberate shift to smaller films and plays in the late 1970s. Despite his diverse roles, many forever associated him with Superman. Will, however, saw his father not just as a cinematic hero but as a real-life Superman fighting tirelessly for spinal cord injury cures.

In a heartfelt piece for the Daily Mail in March 2018, Will reflected on his childhood, witnessing his father's resilience. Despite Christopher's accident when Will was only three, he cherished his father as a hero, writing, "My father was Superman because he was my hero: Dad."

Will emphasized the normalcy of his upbringing, sharing that his parents were just like any others, guiding him to eat broccoli and go to bed. While his experiences differed due to his father's paralysis, Will felt his parents stayed true to their values, providing him with a well-rounded childhood.

Now, alongside his half-siblings, Will perpetuates his parents' memory by embracing life. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, under Will's stewardship, continues its mission, striving for spinal cord injury cures and supporting those affected by paralysis.

Reflecting on his parents' dedication, Will stated, "My dad was obsessed with finding a cure for spinal cord injury... That is what sustained him." In his own pursuit, Will aspires to make his parents proud every day, an endeavor grounded in the values instilled by Christopher and Dana Reeve.
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