Elizabeth Taylor Was A 'Loving' Grandma To 10 Grandkids Who Are Continuing On Her Activism(photo)

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the first names that spring to mind when discussing the elite of old Hollywood. The British-American actress was in high demand throughout her career due to her magnetism on the big screen, violet eyes, and wonderfully distinctive features.

Alongside her then-partner Richard Burton, Taylor gave some of her most well-known performances in "Cleopatra," "The Taming of the Shrew," and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf."

Taylor had a very visible personal life in addition to a highly successful career. Eight times in all, two of those marriages were to Burton. Taylor's dating life was the subject of considerable controversy, but in the end she was able to build the family she had always desired. She eventually gave birth to four children: Maria Burton, who she adopted when she married her fifth husband Richard Burton; Michael Wilding Jr. and Christopher Edward Wilding, whom she had with her second husband Michael Wilding; Liza Todd, whom she had with her third husband Mike Todd. Taylor leaves behind her 10 grandkids in addition to her four children.

Now that Taylor's grandkids are all adults, they all have wonderful stories to tell about their late grandma and who she truly was. Naomi Wilding, Laela Wilding, and Tarquin Wilding are all grandchildren of Taylor's son Michael; Caleb Wilding, Andrew Wilding, and Lowell Wilding are all grandchildren of Christopher; Quinn Tivey and Rhys Tivey are grandchildren of Liza; and Eliza Carson and Richard McKeown are grandchildren of Maria.

It comes out that Taylor was truly in charge of aiding in the upbringing of her grandchildren and always preferred to be seen by them as their adoring, encouraging grandma rather than a famous figure. Continue reading to learn more about one of Taylor's most significant roles: grandma.

Keeping Grandmother in Mind

The thing that mattered the most to Taylor, despite the fact that she was most well-known for her beauty, profession, activism, and romances, was becoming a grandma. Taylor has a total of ten grandkids, all of whom are now adults. Laela, Naomi's sister, is a graphic designer who is 51 years old, and Naomi is a 46-year-old gallerist. In a March 2021 interview with TODAY, the sisters talked candidly about their grandmother's true personality and how she has continued to motivate people all around the world. They have also discovered themselves doing charitable work and continuing Taylor's well-known pursuits.

Naomi remarked, "Just because someone is a superstar doesn't mean they can't also be a loving, squishy, wonderful grandma who was constantly inviting us in.

Taylor embraced the position wholeheartedly because she knew how important it was to the upbringing of her ten grandkids.

She believed, as Naomi put it, that it was her responsibility to raise the family's younger members. She placed great importance on instilling these ideals in us as well.

Taylor believed that it was important to impart love and compassion to her grandkids, but she also wanted to spread a similar message of hope to the rest of the world, so she got involved in a variety of activities.

According to Laela, "I assume that she felt impacted by the AIDS problem very early on." She believed that no one understood the need's urgency. She sincerely made herself the focus of attention as a result.

Maintaining Family Work

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation was established in 1991, and Taylor co-founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985, according to TODAY. Running the latter charity is 36-year-old Quinn. In 2017, his brother Rhys, 31, discussed Taylor's love of activism in an interview with Town & Country.

He remarked, "She always wanted to accomplish the most difficult and unlikely thing first.

Taylor's enthusiasm, work ethic, and devotion to her profession have inspired not just her followers but even her family, especially Laela. She described her late grandma to TODAY, saying, "I have a teenage daughter, and she inspires my daughter (with) the self-confidence she portrays." Laela continued:

She was the type of person who, upon observing injustice, began discussing it and never did so. Although one would not immediately think of who she was when thinking of her, who she was is incredibly important.

The Taylor Foundation is something the entire family has strived to get involved in because continuing Taylor's legacy and commitment to action is significant to them. As a collective, "we're more effective," Naomi told Town & Country. "We have power as a family because we are taking her course." The director Tarquin, who is Taylor's older brother, spoke about how her family and foundation have helped to carry on Taylor's legacy of kindness.

In the same interview, he remarked, "I frequently think about how blessed I am to have been born into a bunch of such funny, compassionate, sensitive people. "We all look up to my grandmother for her limitless generosity, and I think we are all happy to be carrying on her tradition. Especially together.
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