Mom Goes Into Labor For The Third Time And After The First Arrives, Doctor Starts Pulling Another 2 Out(video)

Angie and her husband Gino were overjoyed to learn they were expecting a child. They were hoping to give their two existing sons a little sister as they already had two males!

The family soon learned that they would be having three girls, as if the prospect of having one child wasn't exciting enough for them.

The news that they will soon have five children instead of just three as they had anticipated shocked the two. While carrying triplets is undoubtedly thrilling, there are some dangers as well.

They discovered that Daniella was one of a fraternal triplet and that Anabella and Camilla, two of the infants, were identical twins who shared a placenta. According to Maternity Week, Angie's doctors advised her that one of the identical sisters could not develop normally as a result of the common placenta.

Multiples also carry the danger of brain bleeding and undeveloped lungs. The discovery that one of the identical daughters was receiving too much fluid while the other was not caused the family's worry to soar, despite their best intentions.

Angie was hospitalized at 27 weeks gestation so that medical personnel could keep an eye on her. Even though it could have been difficult for her and her family for her to be away from home, she wanted what was best for her children.

Throughout the remaining months of her pregnancy, Angie was aware that "anything might happen," so she made an effort to be ready for anything. You can observe the birth of these three sisters, or "three stars," as Gino refers to them, in the video down below.

At 3 minutes and 45 seconds into the film, Angie is wheeled into the delivery room, giving viewers a candid glimpse into the birth of triplets.

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