Woman Criticized For Going Against Tradition By Donning Pink Dress For Her Wedding(video)

The mere mention of the word "wedding" often conjures images of a woman adorned in a white dress. Hence, an unwritten rule advises women attendees, including relatives and guests, to steer clear of dresses resembling a wedding gown – yes, even those in white. The rationale is simple: no one wishes to overshadow the bride on her special day.

Yet, in the realm of wedding traditions, have you ever encountered a bride opting for a colorful dress instead of the customary white? While unconventional, it remains essential to acknowledge that the bride has the liberty to choose whatever attire resonates with her for this significant occasion. One such woman embraced this freedom, choosing a pink dress for her wedding, despite facing criticism from online detractors. Undeterred, she refused to let negativity cast a shadow on her joyous day.

In November 2022, Camille Lescai took to TikTok to unveil her wedding dress, a secret she had kept from relatives and friends until the actual ceremony. As the women in her life laid eyes on her pink gown, their jaws dropped, but excitement and support soon followed. For Lescai, the moment validated that the secrecy was indeed "worth the wait."

The decision to don a pink wedding dress held personal significance for Lescai, as she deemed the color to be an integral part of her personality. Upon discovering a pink dress crafted by an Australian designer on Instagram, she instantly fell in love with it. The customized version, valued at $4,400, became the embodiment of her individuality on her special day.

Lescai truly stood out on her wedding day, with all the ladies adorned in white dresses and the gentlemen donning black suits.

"The whole wedding wore white! I didn’t tell anyone why; they figured it out when I appeared at the top of the aisle," shared one attendee.

In an interview with Insider, Lescai expressed her non-traditional approach, stating, "I'm not a particularly traditional person, so while I understand why people want to go for a more traditional wedding look, I don't think I would have felt like myself wearing anything else." She subverted conventions by urging the bridal party and guests to wear white, resulting in a phenomenal wedding day where she felt truly herself.

Despite facing criticism, Lescai received praise for executing a unique concept, with comments affirming that her dress "looked beautiful." Many women rallied to her defense, dismissing negativity and emphasizing the beauty of individual vision for one's wedding.

"Don’t listen to these haters. They just can’t stand the uniqueness. You looked absolutely amazing," wrote one supporter, while another affirmed, "The negative comments are sending me… you look stunning. Everyone has their own vision for their own wedding."

Acknowledging the potential impact of negative comments on future brides with unique visions, Lescai expressed concern. "It's not just attacking me, but all the people who are watching from the sidelines. A lot of young women who commented on my video told me that when they get married they want a dress like mine, and I couldn't help but think of what reading the comments would make them feel," she shared.

Lescai didn't shy away when someone described her dress as "old fashioned toilet roll covers." In response, she created another video to address the criticism head-on.

In this subsequent video, she candidly read through comments about her dress, including those labeling it as "awful," "ugliest," and even resorting to name-calling like "hideous" and a "jiggly puff." Confronting these negative remarks, she highlighted the anonymity of online platforms, emphasizing that people feel empowered to write hurtful comments from the shadows, only to disappear afterward. Lescai asserted that sunlight acts as the best disinfectant against such negativity.

While receiving praise for her boldness in embracing a unique style, she responded with humor, playfully referencing an over-the-counter medicine for upset stomach and diarrhea. "Takes a bold type to go to their wedding dressed as Pepto Bismal dry rub," she quipped.

Lescai also offered advice to those facing similar online hate, encouraging them not to take it to heart and emphasizing that the opinions of those in their lives matter most. In response to someone expressing the desire to wear a pink wedding dress, she wholeheartedly encouraged them to embrace it, stating, "Go for it! For me, I was all about secrecy, but I feel like pink wedding dresses are the new frontier!"
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