Meghan McCain calls out Elon Musk, Nick Cannon for 'impregnate the planet' mentality: 'Dystopian'


Meghan McCain disagrees with Nick Cannon and Elon Musk's plan to start a family.

In a recent op-ed for the Daily Mail, McCain referred to a chat between Musk and Cannon as the "creepiest tag team Twitter thread in history."

McCain wrote for the publication, "This 'impregnate the world' attitude is frightening and comes out more like the behaviors of a cult leader than an altruistic person who wants to grow their family and preserve the earth. "Elon is the richest guy in the world, and he can definitely do pretty much whatever he wants, whenever he wants, whatever he wants, but don't believe for a second that average Americans connect to this at all."

Musk "may have the resources," but the majority of Americans do not, she said, adding that.

Additionally, the TV personality asserted that Musk's argument included a "shame aspect."

That we are not dealing with some existential catastrophe of population reduction if we don't all have as many children as our bodies can support, she wrote. Everything appears to be incredibly impersonal, fatalistic, and dystopian.

Either we repopulate the world and behave like heartless bunnies, or we risk great danger.

In reaction to a Twitter conversation between Cannon and the CEO of Tesla, McCain wrote an opinion piece.

Musk posted on Twitter, "Trying my best to alleviate the underpopulation situation." "By far, the greatest threat to society is a collapse in the birth rate."

Musk said, "Mark my words, they are regrettably true.

Immediately after reading the tweet, Cannon replied, "Right there with you my Brother!"

The host of the radio show is the father of seven children, and a new baby is on the way.

According to his therapist's instructions, Cannon was intended to observe celibacy but "didn't even make it to [January]."

He said to podcast hosts Yee and Gigi Maguire, "I was meant to make it to the top of the year."

"Naturally, I then began looking at some documents. My son's death caused me to become melancholy. So, in December, it was obvious to everyone that I was depressed. Therefore, everyone was of the opinion that all he needed was a little vagina to be healed."

Mariah Carey, Cannon's ex-wife, and Cannon had twins. He and Brittany Bell are parents to two additional kids. Another set of twins are born to Cannon and Abby De La Rosa. Zen Cannon, the son of Cannon and model Alyssa Scott, died in December after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

According to reports, Cannon is now expecting two more children: one with Bri Tiesi and one with Abby De La Rosa.

Despite having 10 kids, Musk's first child passed away from sudden infant death syndrome.

Since then, Musk and Justine Wilson have had twins and triplets. He and musician Grimes are parents to two kids together.

The most recent addition, twins, were apparently born by Musk's senior Nueralink executive, increasing the total to nine.

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