Pregnant Texas woman driving in HOV lane told police her unborn child counted as a passenger


According to a report written by Dave Lieber for the Dallas Morning News on Friday afternoon, a pregnant lady in the Dallas region contested this with police officials after she was recently ticketed for driving alone in the HOV lane.

According to Lieber, Brandy Bettone, a resident of Plano, was on her way to pick up her son when she encountered a checkpoint and was issued a ticket for utilizing the high-occupancy vehicle lane while driving alone.

"To pick up my son, I was in my car. I used the HOV lane since I couldn't be even a minute late "Betone informed Lieber. "There was a checkpoint at the end of the exit when I came out of the HOV. Police pulled me over after I stomped on my brakes."

Officers allegedly questioned Bettone if her car had any more occupants. According to Lieber, Bettone, who was carrying a daughter at the time, informed the police that her unborn child was in the car with her.

"My daughter is exactly here, I remarked, pointing to my tummy. She is an individual "said Bettone. The police, however, did not believe it." Oh, no, he said. Two persons must be present outside the body."

Bettone informed Lieber that she talked with many cops throughout her interaction. According to Bettone, one appeared unconcerned while the other issued her a ticket and instructed her to contest it in court to get it dismissed.

"When I remarked that this is a living child in light of everything going on with the Roe v. Wade decision, one kind of shrugged me off. I responded, "So I don't know why you're not seeing it." "Bettone elucidated. He said, "Ma'am, that signifies two individuals outside of the body. I don't want to deal with this."

Bettone ultimately received a $215 citation, along with advice from the issuing officer that if she contested it, it would probably be dismissed. The Dallas County Sheriff Department, according to Lieber, has declined to make a remark about Bettone's citation or pregnancy defense.

Following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the impending adoption of state trigger legislation against the procedure, all abortions are now prohibited in Texas. The Texas Heartbeat Act had previously declared all abortions performed after six weeks of pregnancy to be illegal. According to The Texas Tribune, this previous initiative was based closely on language created by the Christian anti-abortion group Faith2Action Ministries, which has characterized the existence of a fetal heartbeat as a sign of "an unborn human entity."

Bettone stated she had no intention of paying the fine associated with the event.

She declared, "I'll be battling it".

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