3 sisters share same birthday, 3 years apart: 'We feel like it was fate'

The Lammert family throws a huge celebration on August 25 to commemorate the birthdays of three girls who are not triplets.

Sophia, the oldest, turns 7 this year. Giuliana, Sophia's little sister, was born on her third birthday in 2018. On the same day, Mia came three years later.

Kristin Lammert, a 33-year-old mother, said on "Good Morning America" that "that was definitely not planned." "At first, it wasn't even an idea."

The Lammert family of Oviedo, Florida, anticipated that their girls' birthdays would be close together but never imagined that they would fall on the same day.

Father Nick Lammert, 34, said: "It was certainly more of an Oh my god, it would be so insane if they came on the same day." "But again, they were due so close together."

The physicians at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, according to Kristin, responded to her husband's jokes about having their daughter on August 25 in a very matter-of-fact way.

The doctor was quite clear that unless there was a medical reason, Kristin couldn't just go in and say, "I would want this birthday."

Dr. Megan Gray, an OB-GYN at the hospital where the Lammert girls were delivered, told "GMA" that they "receive it a lot." Even if we attempt to induce labor by giving someone medicine, that is uncertain.

At first, Kristin's labor with Giuliana moved slowly, making her question that the daughters would have a birthday in common. But things moved quickly, and the baby was delivered at about 10:30 p.m.

Sophia recalled that her father had told her that Giuliana was her birthday present when she was still inside her mother. "I didn't know what it meant at the time," Sophia said.

Kristin celebrated the birthdays of her daughters in 2021, precisely three years later, in a hospital as she was getting ready to give birth to Mia.

Preeclampsia, a significant blood pressure problem, was discovered in Kristin at 37 weeks pregnant. As a result, physicians chose to induce labor on August 23, weeks before her due date of September 8. On August 25, Mia showed up.

"We just exchanged looks of "Did that just happen? when she was born. Are they for real? What day are all three of them? said Kristin. And right this second, nurses are rushing in to get the numbers so they can go purchase lottery tickets.

According to statistics, it is highly unlikely to give birth to two siblings on the same day, much less three, Gray added.

It's not at all typical, according to Gray. "Even if you tried to time it, logistically, that would be very challenging. The fact that she naturally gave birth to three children, unplannedly, on the same day and at different times in her life, is fairly bizarre.

Sisters become pregnant at the same time and post their journey to TikTok.

The Lammert sisters' "triple crown" birthday will be celebrated jointly for the first time this year, but Sophia is used to getting together with other people.

She only lately became aware of its rarity, asking, "Oh, so siblings don't everyone share birthdays?" said Kristin.

This year's celebration, which has a Barbie and mermaid theme, will be, in Sophia's words, their "largest party yet." The ladies don't mind sharing the spotlight and a cake despite having to combine their big day.

It is surely our responsibility as parents to inculcate in them the idea that this is something really unique. And they have never mentioned or even considered not having the same birthdate. I believe there is a unique relationship between each of them.

Kristin and Nick indicated that they would be in favor of include a second child at the Lammert family birthday celebration. However, they are aware that the dates are unlikely to work out.

We believe the way everything came together was fate, Kristin added. "It would be amazing if it ends up working out again in August."
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