Couple adopts seven siblings in foster care who lost their parents to a car accident

Pam Willis was scrolling through her Facebook account when she came upon a devastating story. Seven siblings were seeking for a house to call their own.

After losing both of their parents in a vehicle accident in May 2018, the kids had been in foster care for more than a year. The automobile overturned, killing their 42-year-old father and their 31-year-old mother.

The collision left the children with injuries of different severity. They were all not immediately fatal. The four brothers and three sisters were adopted since they had no other family to look after them.

When Pam, an attorney, first saw their images, she was enthralled.

The 50-year-old woman said to TODAY Parents, "I simply felt I was destined to be their parent."

For Gary Willis, 53, a former US Navy veteran, to view the piece, she tagged him. Oh my goodness, cease! she penned. Do they have openings for adoption? The Menifee, California, couple has five grown children in all. Their lives have included fostering children for many years. But Pam knew Gary would disagree since they had never talked about adoption.

Pam remembered, "I feared Gary was going to tell me I'm a wacko - we were ready to retire."

Gary agreed, which gave her some relief.

"Now that my children have grown up and left the house, I detest the idea of having a six-bedroom home that is vacant. "I didn't want all these rooms, but nobody to live in them," Pam said to Metro UK.

They dialed the number provided at the bottom of the article the same evening. Numerous individuals interested in adopting Adelino, 15, Ruby, 13, Aleecia, 9, Anthony, 8, Aubriella, 7, Leo, 5, and Xander, 4, have already made thousands of phone calls.

Two months later, Pam and Gary were paired with the siblings!

The screening procedure had caused the children a considerable deal of anguish. The family's late parents battled addiction, and they frequently slept in homeless camps.

Pam claimed that the younger children were simpler to relate to because "they were just begging for permanency." But the elder two were more difficult, and Pam knows just why.

"I believe they didn't completely trust us. Perhaps we were planning to go," she added. I believe it's quite difficult to trust after having so much taken from you. She was unable to act like a child. She found becoming a mother figure at such a young age to be quite challenging.

Pam stated that since moving in with them in June 2019, the kids have been a delight to be around. Their elder biological children have grown to be quite close to them and even refer to them as "mom" and "dad."

There was a lot of adjusting required in the first six months. The youngsters had trouble falling asleep, and they frequently experienced nightmares. One evening, her son, who was 7 at the time, entered their room. Pam said, "No, I simply wanted to make sure you were still here," when asked whether she had a disturbing dream.

Pam and Gary demonstrated that they were here to stay. In August 2020, the seven siblings were formally adopted!

Their biological children Sam, 20, Matthew, 32, Andrew, 30, Alexa, 27, and Sophia were present during the virtual wedding.

Pam rated the trip "amazing" in her memory. We brought a large screen to the park for COVID so that everyone could watch and applaud. There was a lot of affection present.

Pam and Gary, who are now parents to 12, share their family's travels with their 41,000 followers on Instagram. Follow them and be moved by their tale and extraordinary kindness.

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