Young boy opens plant business to bring his sister back home and help mom who lost her job

The new Coronavirus has stolen so much from us since March. It fundamentally altered the way we live, and there is no assurance that things will go back to normal now. Due to the epidemic, many individuals have lost their means of support and occupations.

Berenice Pacheco is one of these individuals. This mother is blessed to have a son who will do whatever to support his family despite being unemployed.

When 8-year-old Aaron found out his mother was out of a job, he decided to handle the situation on his own. Boyle Heights native starts selling plants after discovering his entrepreneurial side. He set out to do this with two key objectives.

First and foremost, he wants to provide for his family financially so they may leave the shed where they now reside and move into a house of a cousin. The second goal is to return his sister Ayleen from Mexico. The girl had spent the previous two years living with their grandma due to a lack of money.

Ayleen is relieved to learn that her brother is making every effort to reunite the family. Every time an airplane goes overhead, the youngster gestures to it and claims that is how his sister will get there.

I want Ayleen back, declares Aaron.

Aaron's mother also enjoys gardening. The boy's favorite plants are the aloe and the money tree.

"His favorite is aloe vera. He is frequently bitten by mosquitoes. We discovered that aloe vera contains a form of healing medication. That was amazing to learn, according to Berenice.

Their devotion quickly evolved into a survival strategy. Berenice informed her son they would invest the $12 they had left in their pocket. In June, Aaron bought his first collection of succulents with the money. The mother and son take the bus to downtown Los Angeles to purchase plants in large quantities and then sell them.

The young company owner remarked, "She stated if I wanted to invest my money well, then I could establish a business." The company was quite little, but I hadn't planned for it to develop in this manner.

Esli Ramos, a high school friend of her mother's, was moved by Aaron's kind deed. She set up a GoFundMe page for Aaron's Garden to support Berenice and her family. Over the course of the event, a total of $27,615 has been raised, surpassing the $1,000 target!

The popularity of Aaron's company is growing as a result of this fundraising and several media appearances.

We started marketing last week. "We ran out of plants, and we hope they will run out again," Berenice added.

Despite the difficulties brought on by the Coronavirus epidemic, Aaron and his mother are appreciative of the tremendous assistance they are getting.

People help us advance by purchasing plants for us, following us, making kind comments, and complimenting us. We require it, Berenice remarked.

Aaron has the following message for everyone who supported his business.

I'd want to thank everyone who purchased a plant from me. It is really important to me.

Aaron plans to hire a lawyer to address his mom's illegal status in addition to moving into a larger home and inviting his sister back home. When Berenice arrived, she had a visa, but it has already expired.

Learn more about Aaron's Garden by watching the video below from ABC 7.

This little youngster already appreciates the significance of working hard. To help Aaron's Garden, tell your loved ones and friends about this tale.
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