Elderly woman who lost her husband and home in one day ‘adopted’ by neighbor, gets old house rebuilt by community

In January 2021, Gean LeVar of Glendale, Arizona, went through the darkest moment of her life. She lost her house and her 58-year-old husband on the same day.

The cops had to condemn her home because of the deplorable living conditions they discovered there. The widow also had no relatives or children to turn to.

When Carmen Silva learned about Gean's situation, she hardly recognized her. She didn't consider it to be a cause not to help her, though.

She reportedly said to Gean, "Don't worry, we'll fix it," according to CBS News.

The Silvas have eight kids and a three-bedroom home. No matter how crowded they were already, they were happy to make place for one more.

In order to provide their new adopted granny with a cozy bed, Carmen's boys gave up their bed and slept on the sofa.

She claims that now that she has a family, she appears to be quite happy.

Carmen may not agree with those who believe she went too far in her neighborliness.

As a father, I've always instilled in my kids the value of looking after their elders.

Gean claims that her new family means the world to her.

On the official CBS News Facebook page, Gean's story was posted, and many people were moved by the Silva family's selfless support of their neighbor. Their observations are as follows: "The most giving individuals are generally the ones who have the least."

The very finest. The children and relatives that gave up so much for the old person have my deepest sympathy. A new house should be built for the children. They are under the care of God. "That is the main focus. Nothing is more lovely than kindness. You should treat others how you would like to be treated.

A nonprofit organization called "Operating Enduring Gratitude" that assists Arizona soldiers and their families heard her tale and decided to help.

The majority of veterans take use of the resources, but others are overlooked. This one slipped between the cracks, according to the founder and CEO of the company, Charlie Ellis.

Volunteers worked nonstop to refurbish the run-down home while Gean's late husband, Thomas, served two years as a payload specialist in the Navy.

Gean claimed he always took pride in his service.

During the unveiling, flags surrounding Gean's freshly refurbished home. Over the course of 18 months, about 200 volunteers, including students, veterans, and members of the veteran community, refurbished the 1950s-era home.

We're all working together to make someone's life complete, as one volunteer put it.

Gean strolled into her newly renovated home while beaming broadly. Her greatest enthusiasm in her new kitchen is for cooking.

I think it's amazing, she remarked.

"The electrical system has been updated. She can enter our showers on her own. That is great, Charlie exclaimed. It's nice to see so many individuals who care about our soldiers in this place. so as to spread the love. Their time has come. their kind generosity

The Silvas gave Gean a home when she was in need, and now that her home is no longer condemned, she intends to live there with them.

Visit find out more, go to Operation Enduring Gratitude's website.

Watch the video below to learn more about this moving tale.

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