Kansas Woman Becomes Third Sister To Turn 100, She Celebrates With Her 104 and 102-Year-Old Siblings

Birthdays are usually enjoyable, but some ages are particularly important in a person's life. It makes you happy to be able to vote in local elections, drive on your own, or purchase something you previously couldn't. With each year that goes by, you become more independent and go one step closer to discovering your own self.

As three sisters from Kansas have found, it is extremely enjoyable to celebrate these milestones with friends and family. A significant turning point in Frances Kompus' life occurred on November 11, 2021, when she was 100 years old. Her achievement is notable in and of itself since she is the youngest sibling in her family to reach a century.

Her older sisters, Julia Kopriva and Lucy Pochop, reached the century mark a few years ago. Kopriva reached 104 and Pochop became 102 in November 2021. At the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Atwood, Kansas, where the three sisters were baptized, confirmed, and married, Kompus celebrated turning ten. 50 more joined them at the party in addition to them.

The siblings' sense of unity as they reminisced about the priceless experiences they had had throughout the years is what makes this story special.

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Together with her 104- and 102-year-old sisters, Kompus celebrated her 100th birthday at the same location where they had so many fond memories. Kompus said, "It was amazing," when asked how her birthday party went. It pleased me.

The Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the first time they were legally allowed to vote are just a few of the momentous events that the three elderly sisters have seen over the years, according to KSN-TV. What is the key to living such a long and fulfilling life? Kompus credits her positive outlook and healthy lifestyle for her achievement. She also exhorts people to interact with one another, take walks, and "keep moving."

Kopriva, Kompus, and Pochop have always gotten along well, and their friendship has only become better with time. They became widows and moved into adjacent flats in Atwood. Because of their closeness, the sisters have even been referred to as The Three Musketeers. The goal of Kompus's life was to "keep up with her sisters," whether she was working or having fun.

Kopriva added, "I'm glad we females are usually together.

The sisters advise future generations to eat well, exercise, and show gratitude to their elders. Even while centennials are an important milestone in and of itself, it is even more amazing that the sisters don't even believe that time has flown by that much.

Kopriva remarked, "I don't feel that elderly.

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