Dad Is Called 'Disgusting' For Changing Newborn Daughter's Diaper In Public Restroom

At any age, parenting can be quite challenging. However, one of the more trying aspects of motherhood is undoubtedly taking care of a newborn child. During this period, it's crucial to keep an eye on them at all times and attend to all of their needs, including timely feedings, diaper changes, and giving them a secure environment to live.

A new parent encountered an unpleasant circumstance in 2017. He entered the public toilet at the Caneland Central Shopping Center in Mackay, Queensland, Australia, to change the diaper of his 7-week-old daughter, Harpah. The 24-year-old father, Damien Leeson, believed that this would be okay because his infant deserved to be cared for and because no newborn should have to sit in a filthy diaper.

One woman, though, had a different opinion. When a woman entered the bathroom with her own boy, she was horrified to discover Leeson in the parents' room. To Leeson's face, the woman made sure to express her opinions on the subject, offending him in the process.

Since then, Leeson has spoken up about his experience caring for his newborn daughter in a public changing room as a new parent. While some individuals agreed with the woman's assertions, many others stood by Leeson and encouraged him to take the required and entirely appropriate steps to care for his child. It also sparked a discussion on whether it was acceptable for a woman to care for her child in the same manner that a father would care for his daughter.

In a February 2017 interview with the Daily Mail, Leeson described what happened as he changed the diaper of his 7-week-old daughter in a public toilet. When a mother entered the room, she was shocked to discover a mature guy there holding a little infant.

She turned to face me and began criticizing me, calling it "disgusting to witness a fully-grown guy in a parents' room with a tiny kid," Leeson recalled. She frequently referred to me as a "dirty old guy."

After the meeting, Leeson claimed that he and his wife were "totally in shock" and questioned how someone could say anything like that to someone who is only watching their child.

The Daily Mail reports that Leeson later posted about his incident on Facebook and received a ton of responses, some of which even advised him to "get used to it" and call it "normal."

However, a lot of individuals also acknowledged Leeson's perspective and sent him supportive remarks. The Courier Mail claims that parents have come out in favor of Leeson's choice.

The room is designated as a parents' room for a purpose; it is not a mother's (sic) room, according to Amy Marks. Shame on her, just because he's a male doesn't imply he has bad intentions, another mom, Joanne Barclay, added. He is a happy father who is undoubtedly ecstatic about his new daughter.

A father of two with a similar experience to Leeson's was Jeremy Phillips. "It's bad, but regrettably not unusual," he said. When you know you have every right to be there too, it's not a good feeling to get weird stares as if you've entered the incorrect restroom or something.

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