Dad Of Quintuplets Switches From Stroller To Leash And Causes Internet Controversy

The likelihood of having many children simultaneously is quite low. Nearly three out of every 100 births result in a family having numerous children at once. How likely are quintuplets to be born? That is a much bigger strange, I suppose. One in every 60 million families had five quintuplets and five babies.

The young father of five kids is Jordan Driskell. The father became aware of how challenging parenting might be as his children of the same age developed from infants into young children, especially when there were several of them. The Driskell family used a 6-seat stroller to transport and seat the quintuplets on family vacations. The Driskells eventually came to the conclusion that the large, cumbersome stroller would not last much longer since the kids were uncomfortable when they were all seated inside of it. The inconvenience of the stroller also increased tension.

The father released a video showcasing the family's new strategy for managing all of their young children on family outings during one trip to the aquarium. They changed how they handled their quintuplets while out travelling and stopped using their 6-seat stroller. Driskell managed his wild children when out and about by using a leash. The internet had a lot to say about the dad's decision after he posted a video. In the video, Driskell is shown strolling with his five children—Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin—all of whom are wearing leashes. The father was ridiculed for wearing a leash after posting on his Instagram page. Millions of people have seen the popular Instagram video of Driskell and his five kids, and there have been over 6,000 comments.

To view the complete video, be sure to read this article through to the conclusion.

Driskell admitted to Today Parents that operating the stroller with six seats had grown tedious. The quintuplet dad said, "It was just too big and ludicrous to transport anywhere." He mentioned that the kids had more freedom to run once he started using a leash.

The dad added, "The other issue is that they prefer to stroll when we go somewhere crowded. "They have the chance to do that on a leash, but we still have control. They adore it," remarked Driskell.

The overworked father acknowledged that utilizing the leash provides the entire family greater freedom.

"We use a leash for our own peace of mind and sanity," Driskell said.

Additionally, it relieves our family's tension so we can go out and enjoy ourselves.

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Internet users expressed their support for the family's decision to convert from a stroller to a leash. Nearly 7000 people have commented on Driskell's well-liked piece.

There is nothing wrong with this; in fact, I think it's fantastic. I always wore baby harnesses with reigns on my two so they were always near me.

Better safe than sorry, a different person said. I would act similarly if I had that many. Rock on, people! With so many kids, one internet user claimed that Driskell's decision to use a leash was actually very sensible parenting. They wrote, "With 5 kids, you need it right here—responsible parenting."

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