Every day, kids reintroduce themselves to senior with dementia and light up his entire day

In his heart, we are.

Some of the most upsetting things that can happen to a loved one are Alzheimer's and dementia. Their hearts frequently recall things even when their heads might not.

Gene McGehee, a dementia patient in Louisiana, receives daily visits from daycare children.

The 91-year-memory old's resets as a result approximately every 15 minutes.

Even Gene has trouble recalling his own face. He frequently reclines on a white chair on his lawn in a serene suburban area.

According to the NIH, dementia affects around one-third of persons over the age of 85. That does not imply, however, that it is a typical aspect of aging. Dementia affects both individuals and those who provide care for them.

Gene has a lot of friends, which is excellent since they keep him going.

For the past three years, Gene has welcomed a number of children from the neighborhood childcare facility.

The youngsters at the daycare across the street from his home adore him.

Cathy, one of Gene's daughters, claims that Gene battled loneliness for a very long period.

The frequent visits from cheerful, smiling kids are nothing short of a blessing for Gene and his daughter.

Gene enjoys their presence despite not remembering the last time they were here. Every day, the youngsters play musical instruments or ride bicycles. When he sees them, he never fails to smile and become animated.

He might not recall their names or the date of their most recent visit. He does, however, recall how joyful they made him feel.

The daycare instructor, Megan Nunez, has been there each and every day. She always chats with Gene while the kids are playing with him.

She recorded some of their interactions for TikTok and Instagram.

Many people will watch Megan's movies and realize what a kind old guy Gene is, even if he won't remember anything the next day.

Every visit the kids make is their first, as far as Gene is aware.

He will have forgotten by the time it is time for bed and the next morning. He'll shine once again when they see one other later in the day. Over the past three years, this has been happening.

Gene's heart, though, appears to recall. He always has an innate, inexplicable sense of euphoria when he goes outside. He is aware that there must be a reason why being outside makes him happy, but he is unable to recollect it.

All of it is love, says Cathy. His memory is faulty, yet his love is able to recall.

He may have a poor brain, but Megan Nunez said, "We constantly remind the kids that his heart always remembers us."

May his heart keep beating. Gene is blessed by the children, and hearing his tale is also a blessing. You can go anywhere with love.

See how the kids make Gene's day better in the video down below!

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