Have You Heard Of Pink Chocolate?

Heaven on Earth is what Trader Joe's is all about. They gave us amazing treats like cookie butter, nutritious food that is inexpensive, and delicious fatty snacks that are all within our means. It appears like Trader Joe's anticipates our needs even before we do.

With their new pink chocolate, Trader Joe's is embracing the trend that is becoming increasingly popular among millennials. This isn't just white chocolate colored with a little food dye, though. Actually, this is pink chocolate. How is it even possible? Let's investigate.

Food experts developed the pale-hued chocolate in 2017, and it is made from red cocoa beans. The bean is all-natural and dye-free, producing cacao that is red in color. Its distinctive flavor, which is fruity and luxuriously smooth rather than milky or bitter, is another feature that sets it apart.

The chocolate was first revealed at a prestigious conference in Shanghai, China, and for a while it was solely accessible to the culinary science community. At the 2018 Oscars Governers Ball dinner party, it served as the main component. The fact that the pink chocolate wasn't accessible to the wider population seemed unjust.

All of that has changed because Trader Joe's now sells the delectable delicacy, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg either. The pink wonder will become a well-known treat thanks to its $2.99 per 5 oz. price tag. The pink chocolate is excellent with berries and will undoubtedly become a traditional chocolate for Valentine's Day and other occasions with a romantic theme.

Do you anticipate consuming the new pink chocolate?
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