Man Breaks World Record After Growing Out Mustache For Over 30 Years

The "Guinness Book of World Records" has brought some of the most unusual people on the globe to public attention. While some of the organization's records are commonplace, like the fastest mile, others are a little stranger. If you've ever wondered how many piercings someone has had in their lifetime, Guinness has the answer (4,225). If you're an animal lover, you might also find it fascinating that a dog's tongue has never been longer than 17 inches.

Ram Singh Chauhan of Jaipur, India, undoubtedly owns one of the most bizarre world records to date.

The 66-year-old possesses the 14-foot-longest mustache in history. After it was measured on the set of the Italian program "Lo Show dei Record" in Rome, Italy, Chauhan formally broke the record that year.

Chauhan has been growing his record-breaking facial hair for more than 30 years.

"Taking care of a mustache is similar to nurturing a baby; it requires constant attention. I've worked very, very hard to get it to 14 feet. The process has not been simple, Chauhan told the Mirror.

Although Chauhan's tale has now gained international attention and he has been featured in several articles, he told the Mirror in 2013 that he had no desire to gain notoriety for his facial hair. He clarified that the mustache is related to his culture instead.

We are Rajput people. In our family, it's customary to have a mustache. My father wore a flowing one as well. Now as mine has begun to expand, so has my son's," Chauhan added.

Rajput defines "12 million landowners grouped in patrilineal clans and found primarily in central and northern India," according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The clans also have a reputation for being fierce warriors.

"I didn't set out to set any records when I first began to grow my mustache. Indian and Rajasthani cultures have always embraced mustaches. This has been done for ages," Chauhan told the Mirror.

"The mustache is a sign of respect and dignity. A mustache in ancient India was extremely important. It is inestimable. This is a man-thing.

People continue to gawk at Chauhan in public despite the fact that mustaches have long been a tradition in Rajasthani and Indian culture. After all, he has a larger mustache than most.

I haven't trimmed or used a razor to shave my mustache since 1970 "admitted Chauhan.

"Every time I go to the market or somewhere else, I draw attention to myself. People stare at me in utter astonishment. They question me in a variety of ways."

It takes effort to keep such lush facial hair in place, of course. The mustache is massaged with different oils, combed, and rolled up instead of being washed with detergent or shampoo, Chauhan said in the interview with the Mirror.

I also perform additional treatments once a week. However, they are all organic techniques. Chauhan stated, "I never use commercial items.

According to the Mirror, Chauhan received an invitation to join the German Beard and Mustache Club for his accomplishment with facial hair.

"They treated me really respectfully. They admired my beard. Many others claimed they had never witnessed anything like this, according to Chauhan.

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