Pigs Who Escaped Pork Farms And Survived Florence Are Finally Living The Good Life

The co-founder of North Carolina's Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary stated, "They have battled so hard to survive.

Three pigs that were destined to become pork in the beginning and then suffered the horrendous effects of Hurricane Florence may now live out their lives in peace.

All three male pigs, Jax, Flo Rida, and Champ, who are believed to be between 5 and 6 months old, were saved in the wake of Florence and are currently residing at Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary in Providence, North Carolina.

The co-founder of the refuge, Kristin Hartness, told HuffPost, "They battled so hard coming out from such a dreadful existence previously... then suffering through a storm." They have struggled mightily to survive.

Hartness thinks the pigs were reared in restricted quarters on a big farm called a concentrated animal feeding facility, or CAFO. With around 9 million farmed pigs spread out over the state, North Carolina is home to many of these industrial farms.

These three pigs are among the fortunate few that not only managed to escape a flooding facility but also survived Florence, according to Hartness, who estimates that 5,500 pigs were killed by the hurricane.

The 250-pound pigs seem cheerful despite everything they've gone through.

They are so priceless, so kind, and so trustworthy, remarked Hartness. They are the most incredible creatures you have ever encountered. I would hate everyone and be the most violent jerk ever if I were in one of their bodies. However, all of them are doll infants.

Flo and Jax, who were rescued around two weeks ago, were previously covered by the neighborhood newsletter Go Dan River. Halle Parker, a reporter for Go Dan River, posted images of the pigs happily guzzling coconut water from baby bottles.

Jax was found unconscious and submerged in floodwaters by rescuers in boats, while Flo was seen fleeing along a road by a local. Both pigs had respiratory problems and were worn out. Due to an eye illness, Jax became blind.

Over the previous few weeks, Champ has reportedly been spotted by locals. According to Hartness, this week's rescue involved the discovery of the man hiding behind a bush with a severely fractured leg.

Barney, a fourth pig, was also taken in by the sanctuary after someone reported finding him stuck in floodwaters. Barney was eventually claimed by his owner, who was not raising him for meat, and has been given back to them.

All three of Jax, Flo, and Champ will have a difficult time recovering. Flo is still having problems breathing and is battling pneumonia. Jax is having eye surgery in the hopes that doctors may be able to reverse his blindness. Champ will probably continue to walk with a limp for the rest of his life and will eventually be given a brace that will make it easier for him to move around.

Hartness, though, is certain that each of the three will live long, fulfilling lives.

As horrible as their situation was, she claimed that Hurricane Flo was the nicest thing to ever happen to them.
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