Reporter Interrupts Livestream To Help Rescue Dog From Hurricane Florence Flooding

Julie Wilson of WTVD in North Carolina dragged a Rottweiler through knee-deep water.

In the middle of her broadcast on Friday while reporting Hurricane Florence in New Bern, North Carolina, the reporter found herself assisting a local woman in rescuing her dog.

She came across a woman called Tasha who claimed that her daughter's therapy dog was still inside her flooded house at around 1 minute and 35 seconds into the video.

Wilson returned to the house with Tasha. Tasha struggled to maintain control of the enormous dog when she first scooped up her pet, a Rottweiler, to carry her through the water. Wilson successfully caught the dog and carried her through the river.

Nobody is leaving the dog in this filth, Wilson declared to WTVD as they captured the rescue on tape from a different perspective. We are working on that outside.

Wilson set the dog down when they reached a shallower place, allowing Tasha and her dog to proceed through the water together.

Tasha informed Wilson that her son was currently entering a house to rescue a second dog.

In the Facebook live video, Wilson expressed her admiration for the locals for banding together in the face of peril. By Friday night, some sections of North Carolina had accumulated around 23 inches of rain, and the National Weather Service predicts that certain Carolinas may still receive 15 inches of rain.

Wilson said that the ground was covered with feet of water. "This is not a trivial matter."

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