She Lived On The Streets, But She Did Not Beg For Money.

This is the sad but real tale of 80-year-old Wanda Ritter.

Wanda has been without a house for over 16 years. He claimed that he was owed $100,000 per day by the government. Everyone thought she was insane as she wandered the streets with three bags stuffed with paperwork and uncashed cheques.

Witter worked as a locksmith and was a mother of four. She protested on the streets of Washington for years because the social security system had failed her.

"They believed I was crazy to get go of my belongings. She revealed that she had told herself, "If I did anything stupid, they would think I was crazy," in the past.

After hearing Witter out one day, social worker Turner, 56, understood she was correct.

Turner verified Wanda's documentation and found that everything was in line.

She required financial support, not mental health treatment. Turner mentioned the $100,000 he owed the state.

How did the wife become aware that something was wrong?

Witter started getting monthly payments in the range of $300 and $900. Witter questioned Social Security about the variances, but they were unable to respond.

The woman sent the checks back because she believed there was a problem with them. If I had gathered them and asserted that a mistake had been committed, "Who would have believed me?"

Witter told local media that if she receives the right check, she is optimistic that the situation would be addressed.

Witter was assisted in finding a $500 flat by a social worker.

Witter received his first $1,644 Social Security cheque a week after the news was reported in the media.
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