Students Build Wheelchair-Stroller For Dad With Disability To Take Son On Walks

It may be enjoyable and crucial for parents to spend time with their kids. Many parents decide to take a hands-on approach with their kids from an early age because they believe that spending more time with your child will lead to a better relationship. It's normal for parents to take their infants on regular walks so they can get some fresh air and unwind, but some people find it difficult to push a stroller.

Jeremy King is a disabled parent who has tried unsuccessfully with his wife to find a means to push their infant in a stroller that links to his wheelchair when they go on walks. In order to discover a solution, Chelsie King, a teacher at Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland, enlisted the aid of some of her most intelligent pupils.

Students from a club that created innovations to enhance people's lives were the ideal group to create something for the King family. They eventually merged a number of their concepts to produce a functioning prototype of a gadget that would allow persons in wheelchairs to push strollers. They made an idea that has benefited many people with impairments as a kind gesture to support their teacher's family.

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In July 2021, NBC 4 reported that Jeremy had undergone brain surgery three years earlier, resulting in a number of physical difficulties, including speech and walking difficulties, necessitating the use of a wheelchair. The Kings tried to find something that would allow Jeremy to walk their son when they found out they were pregnant, but they were unable. We simply wanted him to be able to do everything a parent without impairments can do, including taking the family on walks, Chelsie said.

Head of the school's Innovation and Technology Lab Matt Zigler organized his class to create a design for the Kings when he was teaching a lesson on creating products for social benefit. The class was divided into teams, and each team came up with different concepts before merging them to produce the winning design. The WheeStroll is a wheelchair stroller adaptor that enables a car seat to be mounted to a wheelchair, according to NBC 4. Consequently, Jeremy was able to walk with his son.

Utilizing it was overwhelming because I never imagined I would be able to accomplish anything like this with our baby, as Jeremy explained to Good Morning America. Most individuals can take their family on a stroll, but it is incredibly challenging for me.

The King family's life were transformed by the innovation, but many other people have also acknowledged the students' dedication to their work. The WheeStroll was created by high school students who won two international honors, according to NBC 4.

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