5-year-old girl makes sure to use sign language for her deaf parents at school concert

Raising your children to embrace and support the genuine principles that keep the world a decent place is a significant part of being a successful parent.

Because of this, most parents experience intense pride when they witness their child bringing joy to another person. Undoubtedly, and it's understandable why, did Claire's parents.

Despite the fact that Claire's parents are both hard of hearing, she and her younger sister have managed to communicate with them. Since she was a little child, Claire has been able to communicate with her parents using American sign language.

This year, Claire's school was getting ready for their annual Christmas presentation, which involved having each child sing a song in front of spectators.

However, it was the issue. Given that Claire's parents are hard of hearing, she thought it would be a tragedy if they couldn't enjoy the Christmas presentation. She then decided to convert what was being done into sign language after giving it some thought.

Claire surprised her parents by singing with her hands as well, giving them a memory they'll cherish forever.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, Claire's personal gesture is unquestionably noteworthy.
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