Parents reveal they potty trained their daughter at just two weeks old

A couple has disclosed that they potty trained their daughter when she was only two weeks old and that she is now capable of using the restroom.

On the Way by Montana Lower, a YouTube channel run by Australian parents Montana Lower and Tom Linwood, posted a video on how they employed a method called "elimination communication" (EC) with their daughter, Blue.

The parents claimed in the video that their little child hasn't pooped in her diaper since they used the EC technique to her when she was only two weeks old.

The young couple informed other parents about the strategy and urged them to "listen to [their] kid" when they needed to use the restroom.

Here is their YouTube video:

In her video, Montana stated that "EC is listening to your kid for when they need to go to the bathroom, and taking them to the toilet instead of going in their nappy."

Tom concurred, saying: "It's simply a matter of listening and watching for it." He added: "Every mom knows when their kid is hungry and they have signals for that and they have the same cues when they need to go to the bathroom."

The parents were initially concerned about the strategy themselves, but after doing some study, they made the decision to give it a shot. They observed that the family's surroundings and finances had undergone a significant adjustment as a result of the change.

The father noted that it is expensive and that restricting their baby's consumption has resulted in a substantial decline in their lifestyle, even though the pair acknowledged that they still use some diapers.

While pointing out that just because they went with an alternative approach, they won't make their infant unlearn using diapers, Montana continued, "It's a lot cleaner if you simply take them to the toilet."

"If we don't teach them to go in their diaper, then we don't have to unteach them," she added. Babies are born with no preexisting information about how to use the restroom. So it seems reasonable to state unequivocally that this is how we went to the bathroom. Additionally, the pair gave advice on how other parents may do the same for their children and suggested that they start the change in the summer.

First, Montana suggests putting your infant in a frock or other easy-to-take-off clothing. "Learning how to perform EC is considerably simpler in the summer."

We first used a plastic container, so getting a toilet is another smart idea, she added. When you're out and about, this is also excellent to keep in the trunk of your car so you can pull over at any moment and place the baby on the potty.

"We advise blocking off one day since it took Blue one day to realize she needed to use the Tupperware container as a toilet. After then, it was our responsibility to read the indications "Added she. It is advisable to take your kid even if you are unclear whether or not they want to use the restroom. According to the mother, EC is most effective when one parent is there with the kid at all times because it demonstrates to her daughter that she is "being listened and her needs being addressed."

In terms of toilet training, most kids are taught between the ages of two and two and a half, but "there is no optimum timing," according to the health agency NHS.

Remember, the health service said, "you cannot compel your child to use a potty." "You cannot force people to utilize it if they are not ready."

They added that "some people find it simpler to start in the summer, when there are less clothing to take off and laundered clothes dry more quickly," echoing Montana's suggestion to other parents in her youtube video.
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