Photos Capture Archie’s Adorable Resemblance To Dad Prince Harry As A Baby

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is a sweet little boy, and based on the images that have so far been made public, some royal enthusiasts have asserted that the youngster resembles his father, Prince Harry, most noticeably when he was a baby.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have taken great effort to keep Archie as hidden from the public as they can since his birth in the spring of 2019. Archie's parents defied royal etiquette by refusing to invite the media for a photo op, despite the fact that new moms in Buckingham Palace often allow the public to see a newborn royal at the Lindo Wing stairs at St. Mary's Hospital the day they are delivered.

The royal baby's parents did, however, offer the world a brief peek of him a few days after his birth during a private picture shoot in Windsor Castle's St. Georges Hall. After that, the only pictures that were made public were a handful at his baptism and one that his mother sent to the now-defunct Sussex Instagram account. Before excited royal fans finally got to glimpse Archie's complete face, it would be another four months. Archie's pictures are hard to find, although he appeared in the Apple TV+ documentary series' teaser. The video of him and Meghan offered a personal look into the family's existence in Montecito, California.

The family resemblance between Archie and Harry's infant photographs is too striking to ignore, so continue reading to find more about them.

Archie met Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe with his parents in South Africa in September 2019, during Meghan and Harry's final royal tour. It's safe to say Archie stole the show, grinning and acting naughty for the cameras. According to The Telegraph, Tutu-Gxashe called cute Archie a "ladies' guy" as they sat down for tea, conversation, and smiles. Harry commented that his kid was accustomed to the cameras, while Meghan described her son as having a "old spirit."

Even at the young age of 4 months, it was immediately apparent how much the infant resembled his well-known father. Archie sat on Meghan's lap while his parents talked about the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation, the Archbishop and his wife's nonprofit organization, while wearing blue-and-white striped overalls, a long-sleeved white shirt, and socks.

A few months later, the Sussex family posted a video on Instagram from Canada that included a close-up of Archie being carried by his father. The film was a look back at the family's 2019 as a whole. The lovely baby Archie was wearing a double pom-pom gray beanie and the two were seen in front of a lake while wearing warm winter clothing.

Archie's cheekbones, face shape, and hair all resembled his dad Harry's face, which was obvious. In one specific image from Prince Charles and Princess Diana's 1985 royal visit of Italy, it was easy to see how much Archie resembled his father.

Infant Harry, who was just 8 months old in the picture, resembled his son's baby features. But Meghan also has an impact, particularly in her eyes and nose, so the familial resemblances aren't all from Harry's side. In fact, according to Harper's Bazaar, only a few days after Archie was born last year, his parents responded that they were "still trying to figure it out" when asked which one of them Archie took after more.

Harry said, "His appearances are changing every single day, so who knows," in the same interview. Although it's obvious that both parents had an impact, Harry truly stands out in these pictures.

The parallels between Archie and Harry quickly became apparent to those keeping tabs on the royal family, most notably with Archie's hair's subtle red undertones. An August 2019 People Magazine story claims that a source previously knew this since they mentioned Archie's "tufts of reddish hair" back then.

Red hair is stunning, but it's not very common; approximately 1% to 2% of people have it naturally. Those of Northern or Northwestern European heritage are more likely to have it; 2% to 6% of them are naturally redheads. Other populations are considerably less likely to have it. The trait is often caused by a recessive allele on chromosome 16, thus Meghan would have needed to carry the same gene for Archie to have the same hair color as his father.

Little Archie hasn't had many fresh pictures released by the family since Meghan and Harry retired from their roles as senior royals in early 2020. He did, however, feature in a video made to commemorate his first birthday, in which his father filmed the scene as his mother read him the book "Duck! Rabbit!"

Later, during an interview with Ellen Degeneres in November 2021, Meghan discussed her life in detail. She also posted a previously unseen image of her kid, who was two years old at the time, looking after the family's poultry. Archie was shown gazing down at his family's flock of hens while holding a basket, perhaps to collect eggs.

The little boy reminded me so much of Harry with his blazing red hair! The youngster appeared to have a unique sense of style, though. Archie was posing with some lovely Peppa Pig-themed yellow Wellington boots, pants, and a blue jumper on.

And The Mirror stated in January 2022 that Archie will be going to a Montecito nursery school. The school provides more than just conventional methods of instruction, however they are still there. While teaching "emotional literacy" and mindfulness, the school also teaches other topics like reading, writing, and math, emphasizing mental health and social skills.

The father of one of the other kids who was in the childcare was interviewed by The Mirror. Naturally, young Archie seems to attract far less attention than he would if he attended an English nursery school:

"Harry appears to be a decent father and frequently drops Archie off and picks him up. The parents have all welcomed Harry and Meghan with grace and without raising a fuss. Archie is simply another youngster to the other children. They are unaware of his parents' royal status and are unlikely to care unless Meghan were a Disney princess."

Young Archie is receiving a lot of affection from his parents and the royal fans along the road, and he is undoubtedly looking a lot like his father as he matures.
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