A Mother's Love: Cat Brings Ailing Kitten to the ER(3 photos)

They are thoughtful and observant; they can do things like open doors with their paws and sense when we're down and in need of a hug.

However, this specific cat has stunned Istanbul residents with its extraordinary maternal instincts by bringing its youngster to a hospital for care.

Images show the woman bringing her cat into the neighborhood hospital and dropping it off in front of the medical staff in a treatment area.

Patients who were waiting in the accident and emergency rooms of an Istanbul hospital posted the images online, showing the hospital personnel swarming around the ailing kitten in an attempt to save it.

The patient, Merve Ozcan, whose age was withheld, captured the photos with her phone and has since received a barrage of comments complimenting the doctors' care for the mother cat and kitten.

The mother cat stayed vigilant beneath the physicians as they labored to examine the kitten.

In order to keep the mother cat calm, staff even took the time to provide her food and milk.

The nature of the kitten's illness was kept a secret, but the physicians seemed to be able to solve it fast. The two cats were then sent to a nearby veterinarian, who verified the animals were healthy and not to be concerned about.

These days, hospitals can be frightening places, so it's wonderful that people could experience something so endearing to lift their spirits.

And in the course of cheering up the people at that A&E, the clever cat mother also managed to save her little one.

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