Tibetan spaniel lost in outback crash shows up looking for a pat five months later

When Misha the Tibetan spaniel went missing on the way home from a dog competition earlier this year, Karen and Gary Tucker didn't believe she would ever be seen again.

In May, Mr. and Mrs. Tucker's automobile and a trailer with 14 dogs overturned three times as they were traveling roughly 60 kilometers from Broken Hill to Lameroo.

Misha and Baxter, a 14-month-old Chihuahua, fled the scene of the Barrier Highway.

According to Ms. Tucker, she never gave up looking for the missing pets.

"If you give up hoping they give up trying," she stated.

"The dogs will keep trying and I will keep looking if they have the desire to survive.

numerous sightings

Misha was discovered and captured by Grazier Mitch Harrison, who claimed to have seen her racing over his 56,600 hectare ranch.

"My sister-in-law saw it walking down the driveway, and I hadn't seen it until a couple of weeks ago," said Harrison.

"I went out and called its name and it kind of turned around and looked at me."

Later that evening, he set up a fox trap, and to his astonishment, Misha ended up inside.

"[I thought] it might bite or something like that so I put my hand in ... and it was really pleased to have a pat," claimed the man.

"On the outside, it looks quite good because it has a lot of hair, but you can feel the spine and it was a bit pongy, I did give it a bath," he stated.

Welcome back.

Since then, Misha's owners have picked her up.

Ms. Tucker remarked, "Our dogs are very resilient."

"She was like, 'I know my dad,' and the tail never stopped wagging when Gary walked up there and saw her.

"When Misha saw me ... she jumped into my arms."

Upon examination by a veterinarian, Misha has been declared healthy.

Baxter the chihuahua is still the source of optimism for the Tucker family.

Ms. Tucker stated, "Chihuahuas will give you the runaround."

"Being young, Barker believes that anything can be played with.

"I have no doubt in my mind, that he'll be caught as well."

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