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You might be shocked to learn how entertaining it is to see animals act naturally in the outdoors if you enjoy wildlife documentaries. If you aren't, you'd be shocked by how absurd it is that a number of random, weird events occur in the wild. 

That's arguably the wonder of nature—that, contrary to popular belief, we share a great deal more in common with animals than we might assume. Consider a monkey that behaves almost exactly like a person, or the fact that some of them exhibit emotional reactivity. However, have you ever considered a bear taking a selfie? And we're not just talking about one, two, or three selfies here; we're talking about at least 400. Well, one bear in Colorado actually did it, and everyone was in awe of how adorable it was.

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks published images of a bear taking a selfie in front of a wildlife camera in January 2023.

The government group claims that the bear found the wildlife cameras, and that 68.97% of the pictures taken by the cameras were of the bear.

A wildlife camera that we deploy to keep an eye on wildlife in the open spaces of Boulder was recently uncovered by a bear. About 400 of the 580 images that were taken were bear selfies, according to a tweet from Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks.

They said, "Most animals merely pass the camera by, but this bear showed a particular interest in it.

According to the Daily Mail, Boulder, Colorado, city authorities installed the wildlife cameras to monitor the wildlife on its 46,000 acres of property, which includes deer, beavers, bald eagles, and even lynx.

People were smitten by the bear's charming images, and several suggested establishing a special Instagram account for it. Others asked the individuals in charge of the public space to post all of the bear's photographs.

One individual wrote, "Share them ALL!"

Give this bear's Instagram account, a different individual commanded.

Others claimed that the bear might pass for a model.

One person exclaimed, "Hire that bear model! There's some Blue Steel in the third picture."

Wow, such a talent! He may work as a model," said a different person.

According to Philip Yates, a representative for the Boulder OSMP, the majority of bears simply walk by, but the one that snapped the picture was certainly an exception.

"Sometimes, animal species pay attention to our cameras, but the majority merely pass by. As reported by TODAY, "In one case, a bear showed a particular interest in one of our wildlife cameras and used the chance to take hundreds of photos.

Yates expressed his gratitude for everyone who has offered the bear affection, even those who have left amusing remarks.

"We laughed at these images, and we figured others would too. Yates said, "We appreciate all the humorous and funny remarks we've seen.

Yates emphasized that the cameras were put to guarantee that they gather crucial information required to safeguard the animals in the region, rather than just the amusing moments brought about by the bear's scene-stealing photos.

"These cameras play a crucial role in identifying important wildlife areas," Yates added. "We utilize the data we gather from them to suggest habitat-protective strategies to assist safeguard delicate natural regions.

Regardless of whether the bear took those selfies on purpose or not, everyone, including us, was amused by them.

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