71-year-old breaks into song after hiking 2600-mile Pacific Crest Trail, which only 14% manage to finish

When Pa'at saw the building designating the end of the Pacific Crest Path, he started singing. Pa'at walked every step of the trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail in the US is a very long journey that runs from Southern California, not far from the Mexican border, to Washington, not far from the Canadian border. According to Lonely Planet, it extends over a total of 2,650 miles through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Because of the elevation variations and resulting weather changes, the journey is very challenging. One day it may be 90 degrees, the next it might be below zero. While most of us fear even a quick 15-minute workout, a 71-year-old was able to complete the challenging journey. Pa'at reached the northern terminus of the Pacific Crest Track after walking every single step of the 2,653-mile trail, according to Instagram users Auti and Chris (@humping north).

When they saw the 71-year-old, Auti and Chris were also trekking on the same route. The pair shared a video of the senior's joyful and genuine reactions when he reached the trail's finish along with a description of his inspirational adventure. Few individuals can boast they've done such a great achievement, certainly not at 71, according to the description.

Only 14% of hikers who try the Pacific Crest Trail really complete it, according to The Wall Street Journal. The accomplishment is impressive for anybody to do, but it's amazing to witness the bearded 71-year-old accomplish the trick. He walks up to the trail's end marker and respectfully touches it. As soon as he recognizes the structure, he starts singing in awe of his accomplishment. I've been waiting... such a long time, says the song, fitting his predicament. Such a long distance to walk. Such a far to travel simply to be here. via deserts To see you, I crossed rivers and scaled mountains. to merely see you. I've been holding out. That much time.

The 71-year-old is one of those people, according to Auti and Chris, with whom you can instantly feel a connection. In the caption, they stated: "We only knew Pa'at a few days before finishing since we didn't meet him until Stehekin, which is just 80 miles from the northern end, but he's one of those guys you instantly feel like you've known for a lifetime. He possesses an unequaled optimism and fortitude, a heart of gold, and the nicest spirit. Pa'at, we appreciate how inspirational you are to us."

The video has received thousands of comments in addition to more than 600,000 views since it was released. It is being shared extensively on social media, and many users have said that the man's achievement has inspired them. According to Reddit user r/NihilisticPollyanna, "I'm in my 40s, and I'd look worse if I drove 4,000 kilometers in my car. Given the significant height and topographic variations, as well as the unfavorable sleeping circumstances, hiking is a very good exercise. This man is unbreakable!"

According to r/VerifiedPanda on Reddit, "I'm amazed no one has mentioned the elevation shift, which is around 140 kilometers, yet (85 miles). In the worst case scenario, he used a handicap ramp to ascend Mount Everest and descend it nine times. I wish some of these individuals would attempt to climb a few flights of stairs." On Instagram, user @bi11ie remarked, "Would love to hear about his life. I'm sure he has fascinating tales. 71! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜" Commenter @marlayneboblett stated that his music is the ideal fit for his achievement "๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ‘ fantastic achievement. His music is a perfect fit. Congratulations!"
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