Baby who survived 2 open-heart surgeries smiles for the very 1st time in hospital

When your baby is growing, every first is memorable; from the moment you feel your baby kick to the moment they take their first steps, it's a wonderful time.

However, these achievements are a miracle when your kid is born with health problems.

Teddy Nelson's parents had to wait until he was six months old to see him grin for the first time since he was born with only half a heart, but when it did, it was a magnificent moment in more ways than one.

This adorable infant had just had his second open-heart surgery and had been in the hospital for 185 days when he turned to face his parents and smiled tenderly.

Alexandria Nelson, a mother from Buffalo, New York, told "Good Morning America" that her son had a stroke "about the time of the second open heart surgery."

She said that it was uncertain if Teddy would ever be able to grin.

"We weren't certain that his brain had the connections necessary to enable a grin to appear on his face. The fact that he was able to overcome these challenges certainly offered hope for the future.

She explained, "That's what the grin meant to us.

Teddy was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a congenital cardiac condition that impairs regular blood flow through the heart. In August 2019, 15 minutes after his birth, he required surgery.

Teddy reached this wonderful milestone, and Teddy's parents were able to record it on video. Thousands of people have fallen in love with his cute face after the video was published by a variety of sites on social media.

Teddy loved hearing his sister's voice, and my husband, who has a particular touch, was in the room, Alexandria recalled.

"Resilience and battle"

Although Teddy will require a third operation in the coming weeks, his family is eager to welcome their precious baby home for the first time.

"We adore it when they call him feisty," she remarked. "We don't give him enough credit half the time," He is extremely tenacious and courageous.

I frequently quote Theodore as saying, "The half a heart creates twice the love."
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